My thought on our draft

A-. We got 13 picks out of this very deep draft while still trading down early in the first to get a outstanding pass rusher who is nfl ready right now. The thing alot of people don't understand about our picks is the goal of our draft every year is not to get the most well known guys you have heard of but to get the guys that fit our scheme on both sides of the ball.

Brandon Graham- Ready to be a starting defensive lineman right now. At Michigan this guy was a nightmare for all big ten quarterbacks. Some opposing coaches actually said Graham was as good in run support as he was as a pass rusher which is scary. I'm glad we got this kid instead of Derrick Morgan(see orange bowl game tape where Iowa qb not known for his mobility blows by Morgan) or Jason Pierre-Paul who may not be quite nfl ready from day 1 and is better served for a rebuilding defense.

Nate Allen- Excellent cover skills even better then alot of corners in the draft, also is a sure tackler, not a big hitter but a sure tackler nontheless.  He will be used all over the secondary along with Marlon Jackson. His versatility makes him a far better value then Morgan Burnett.

Daniel Te'O-Nesheim- Doesnt wow you with his technique or his athleticism but what makes this kid great is his motor. To the Eagles fans who wanted Kyle Vanden Bosch we basically got him but for less money, and we got a younger more athletic version. This kid loves football and never quits on the play. Scouts will say what they want to say about his weaknesses but the guy was a 4-year starter and he had 30 career sacks in a tough PAC-10.

Trevard Lindley- College career starting out promising but injuries really slowed him down. Has a chance to compete right away for the nickel spot.

Keenan Clayton- Very fast linebacker who has excellent coverage skills as he is a converted safety. Can play the WILL or the SAM and could earn alot of playing time if he can prove he can cover NFL tight ends.

Mike Kafka- Will have all year to just soak everything up as he will start out as a third string and more then likely become the team's backup in 2011.

Clay Harbor- His blocking skills alone should earn him a spot on the team even with 3 other tight ends already on the roser. Also not a bad reciever, if Ingram can't stay healthy or if he can look for Rucker to be cut as the Eagles need a tight end who can help out blocking.

Ricky Sapp- Sapp feels like he has alot to prove as he fell alot further in the draft then most experts had him at. Not quite sure if he is a linebacker or a defensive end but his speed at either position could put him as our Chris Clemmons of 2010.

Riley Cooper- Good size at 6-3 222, actually is faster then most peope think as he ran a faster 40 then Dez Bryant(most scouts believe Dez's near 4.60 time isn't where his speed). Will be used in the slot especially in the red zone.

Charles Scott- Finally a power back, 5'11 238 who loves to run it inside. Had 400+ carries in his college career and never fumbled. If he can stay healthy has a chance to be huge for us in the redzone and in short yardage situations.

Jamar Cheney- Great value in the seventh round, can play all 3 linebackers positions and is an excellent blitzer. Has a chance to make the team because of his versatility and maybe force out a Joe Mays or Omar Gaither.

Jeff Owens. At defensive tackle could be a guy to give Patterson or Bunkley a rest in short yardage situations but could also rotate in pass rushing situations. Very strong, benched 225 44 times, if he can get past bigger guards at the next level will defintley see playing time right away.

Kurt Coleman- Good vocal leader, probably makes the team as the #2 SS. Has good coverage skills, also a decent tackler. If he can get a little stronger could replace Mikell in a few years.  

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