Nicknames for our new draftees


13 Brandon Graham DE Michigan

McDougled again in oh-ten

Darryl Tapps back-up

tyrannosaurus rex

#37 Nate Allen S USF

No Potential Nate

Nate Considine

#86 Daniel Te'o-Nesheim DE Washington

Daniel Te'o-Neverseethefield

Bryan Smith2.0

#105 Trevard Lindley CB Kentucky

The third nickel back

depth (we all love depth but what we needed was a CB2)

#121 Keenan Clayton LB Oklahoma

#122 Mike Kafka QB Northwestern

(if we are even position where this guy needs a nickname we are in huuuuge trouble)

#125 Clay Harbor TE Missouri State

The Rural Juror (for no reason other than he is from missouri and because 30rock is hysterical)

#135 Ricky Sapp DE Clemson

ricky "doesnt fit the system" sapp

ricky "on his back" sapp

#159 Riley Cooper WR Florida

Bro of Tebow

#200 Charles Scott RB LSU

Charles "Too little too late" Scott

#220 Jamar Chaney LB Mississippi State

(ok this pick actually intrigues me... dying to find out why he dropped so far)

#243 Jeff Owens DT Georgia

jeff "practice squad" owens

#244 Kurt Coleman S Ohio State

"The 5'10" safety stuck in Brandon Jacob's cleats"




I just dont understand everyones excitement over this draft... If we were a team like the redskins that desperately wanted to rebuild and needed depth across the board this would be legendary... but we arent. We are a team that not only did not need 13 players but we are a team that cant even fit that many on the roster. 

The object of most of your affection... Brandon Graham, is just lost on me. I mentioned Jerome McDougle in the nickname (because we had to trade up to get him) but I think mike mamula is a much more fitting comparison. Big difference is Mike earned his millions at the combine, while Graham earned his beating up 7th round left tackles at the senior bowl. Boy I hope I am wrong but I just dont see the ceiling you would hope for from a #12 overall pick. 

Our offense looked good last year but we still needed to make some moves in order to take the pressure off Kolb and to put him in a position to succeed... what have we done?? Picked up another teams 3rd string RB and a 5th round WR?? We put more effort into making a backup plan for him than we did to actually help him. Until I see how mccoy plays with this added bulk I would put our rushing game at the bottom of the NFC East and the bottom third of the league.

You guys keep on claiming the theme of this years draft is "high motor"... I see "low risk, low reward". We are a team that was arguably a big player or two from being as good as we have ever been. In a draft where we needed to go after one superstar we picked up a hand full of role players. I Dont think we have picked up anyone that will make much an impact long term nevertheless next year.  

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