I shall now commit seppuku to retain my honor – ChaoticEagle’s Blitz Review of Round 1

I'm not entirely sure what to say about what the hell happened in the first round, so allow me to use a phrase from the football announcer guy in Not Another Teen Movie:

"WHAM! BAM! What the F@%# just happened!?!"

Ahem, now with that, I've come to realize that the draft is truly a crapshoot, and judging by how the first round unfolded, that's where I stand. I shall now tear asunder my insides as retribution for knowing nothing.


OK, seriously. Anyone see this coming? I sure as hell didn't, but I'm just going to try and give some of my thoughts as t how the first round unfolded.

---Let's start with the Eagles pick at 13, Brandon Graham. In all due honesty, he was perhaps my favorite prospect after the NFL season ended. He's a relentless DE who in my opinion will give nightmares to opposing QBs. Romo, Manning, McNabb (that still seems surreal) will be seeing this guy in their dreams. I think he's got that kind of potential, and has a real good chance at becoming the best DE in this draft class.

---I suppose no one saw it coming though with the acquisition of Darryl Tapp, and I'll admit myself as well, I put DE on the back-burner until later rounds. (Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, anyone? That seems incredibly unlikely now...)

---That being said, I should have known the Eagles would come out of left field and do something like this. I'm still scratching my head at this one. Why didn't the Eagles pick S Earl Thomas, or CB Kyle Wilson? With the holes on the secondary, it seems like the logical thing to do, right?

---I guess the Eagles figure, "Opposing QBs can't throw on us if our DEs put them on the ground first."

---All in all, I really can't say I'm too thrilled with the pick, but to be honest, I'm not angry or in despair either. Graham is a damn good player, it's just the holes in our secondary that worry my about this choice. Not to mention, there was a lot of talent in the 3rd rounds that the Eagles have potentially given up after relinquishing their two 3rds...EDIT: I rescind my earlier statement about not being too thrilled. It was more or less the seeing the Eagles doing something unexpected. I'm actually very happy now with the pick, even ecstatic about it.

---As a quick peek into tomorrow; I would not be surprised if they took Taylor Mays. Often scorned by the Eagles faithful, I could see this happening, and would not be surprised. All 5 top corners were taken in the first round, leaving our 37 pick most likely coming down to 2 people: Nate Allen and Taylor Mays (perhaps an Offensive Lineman, but I think the value isn't there for that to be justified).

---If the Eagles take Taylor Mays, I hope Dick Jauron is as good as they come, because he'll need everything he has to help Mays. But I'll say this to play devil's advocate: you can't teach the size and athleticism that Mays has. If he can actually learn what Jauron can teach him, who knows what potential he can reach?

---I also think the Eagles will use 55 to trade down into the 3rd round tomorrow. With no picks in the 3rd round and the fact that there will still be quality players in that round, I expect the Eagles to shuffle around a bit more.

---Other notes from the rest of round one: first off, damn it all, the Patriots took Devin McCourty.

---Huge reach by the Jaguars, I'm just not sure what they were thinking there.

---The first 6 picks went by as they were expected, then things sort of just blew up after that...the Browns taking Haden? I could have sworn they were high on Wilson.

---Oakland NOT taking a physical freak and actually taking a sensible choice (simultaneously screwing over the Giants) in the process?

---The Cowboys taking Dez Bryant has to have been influenced by us not taking secondary help. Just a hunch...

---Tebow in the first round, but Clausen and McCoy still up there? Cripes...

---With the Top 5 CBs taken already in the first round, I'm not sure where they're going to go for CB help...especially since they gave up both 3rd round picks...could a trade still be possible...even a trade for Scrabble?! (Nnamdi Asomugha, for those that don't know).

Alright people, you've seen the first round unfold, what do you all of Eagles Nation have to say?

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