The eve of the NFL draft

Im going to start by evaluating every position to see what we need.


QB- Depth, I would like to trade Vick, sign a veteran and draft a QB or Wildcat QB

RB- Depth, preferably a "home-run hitter", we already have power running backs in Mike Bell and Leonard Weaver. LeSean is more of every down back. I want a RB who can catch and make big plays

WR- Depth, currently we only have 4 WRs on the roster

OT- Depth, we are set at tackle for with Justice and Peters. Behind them we have King Dunlap. I would like to draft an OT who can start when called, and have him move over to OG when Stacy leaves.

OG- Future Starter, Stacy Andrews is getting paid 6 million this year. I don't think the best OGs get paid that much. I want the Eagles to draft an OT move him to OG and have him start next year

C- notthing, Nick Cole is solid and as sad as it sounds Jamaal Jackson's career is over. He is 30 yrs old and and he tore his ACL late in the season. It takes 1 year to recover and and 1 year to get back into playing shape, by that time he will be 32. I think by the end of the season Mike McGlynn will be our C. He knows the systems and has been the 2nd C in practice and in the preseason. Also Jamaal Jackson and Hank Fraley each sat for 2 years before they became starters.

TE-blocking TE, Celek and Ingram will be fine as receiving TEs, but we need someone who can come in as a blocker in the same role Alex Smith had last season


RDE, depth: I would like to let Trent cole have some rest. The guy plays every down in every game and he even plays on special teams. I don't want to see him worn out before he reaches 30.

LDE, Tapp is the starter. If a good DE is available we should take him, but I think Parker and Tapp will be fine at that position

DT: I like Bunkley, Patterson, and Dixon. Laws hasnt shown much and Abiamiri is never healthy. I will be really happy if we can bring in a pass rushing DT.

WLB: I am happy with Sims and Jordan competing for the job. Im a little worried that each of them have the problem of getting engaged in blocks.

MLB: I think Bradley will be OK, behind him we have Gaither who is a solidback up

SAM: This position worries me because we have trouble covering TEs and tackling players who got by Asante. I honestly don't know what to think of Fouku, I would like to draft a pure SAM late in the draft

CB: Asante Samuel is the LCB but the Eagles MUST come away with a RCB after the draft. It's probably our biggest need. Im not a big fan of Hobbs and Hanson has never been the same since the suspension.

SS: I like Mikkel, but he is turning 30 this year. I think Macho will be our future SS 2012

FS: We need someone who can cover AND tackle. Machowas ok at best and I don't know what to think of Demps. Things have never been the same since Dawkins left.

Mock Draft:

32- Nate Allen FS, Eagles trade down with NO

37- Brian Price DT

55- Vladimire Ducasse OT

70- Carlos Dunlap DE

87-  Pat Angerer LB

105- traded to Carolina along with Trevor Laws for CB Ricard Marshall

121-  Joe McKnight RB

200- Armanti Edwards WR

243- Thomas Austin OG

244- Patrick Benoist LB

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