Final Mock Draft

I know, I know. So much speculation can get overwhelming, but since my job leaves me with a lot of down time, these are the things I think about. I wanted to get one last mock in here before the actual draft and hopefully produce a satisfying and realistic take on the possibilities of tomorrow night. There are some differences from my last mock, and I decided to try and predict some trades this time around. Not an easy thing to do, but hey they make sense to me. Like or dislike, the final decision is up to you. Enjoy...or not.


1. St Louis: Ndamukong Suh, DT- Trading away Carriker just 2 days before the draft leads me to believe that they have something else in the works for a different QB (Colt McCoy Rd2) and will take what many are calling the best player in this draft.

2. Cleveland (from Detroit): Sam Bradford, QB - With Bradford not being selected by St. Louis, Cleveland decides to move. They trade Shaun Rogers back to the place he started and their 1st to get their franchise QB.

3. Tampa Bay: Gerald McCoy,DT - They need a DT and would prefer Suh, but are just as happy selecting McCoy.

4. Washington: Russel Okung, OT - Trent Williams may be more athletic, but Okung is the premier tackle in this draft.

5. Kansas City: Eric Berry,S - KC really wants to trade down but there is nobody giving them a satisfactory offer. If there are no trade partners how can you not take the BPA?

6. Seattle: Trent Williams,OT - I have said CJ Spiller a hundred times before, but the more I think about it, I don't think SF will take him at 13. This means he should be available at 14. They address the O line, one of their biggest holes.

7. Detroit (from Cleveland): CJ Spiller,RB - Detroit already shored up their D line by grabbing Rogers in the trade with Cleveland. Seattle mistakenly doesn't see anybody else who would grab Spiller before them, but Detroit can use him to help Stafford.

8. Oakland: Jean Paul-Pierre,DE - Oakland needs help on their D Line, they also love their physical specimens. Everybody (including me) has been talking about Bruce Campbell, but Pierre is also a physical anomaly.

9. Buffalo: Bryan Bulaga,OT - They still need a QB but what good does that do you if he is constantly on the ground (right David Carr?) They choose the best OT left.

10. Jacksonville: Derrick Morgan,DE - They are happy as can be that Morgan drops here. Number 1 need and best player at the position. Checkmate.

11. Denver: Jimmy Clausen,QB - Look he wasn't supposed to make it this far, and Orton performed admirably last year, but Clausens potential far outshines Ortons production and so they will select him. They should of went with Rolando McClain.

12. Houston (from Miami): Earl Thomas,S - Houston needs secondary help badly. They could of probably stayed at 20 and got Wilson. Moving here gets them a player that can fit in at CB or S whichever one they want.

13. San Francisco: Joe Haden,CB - They really were hoping for Thomas to drop one more slot, but it was not to be. Their consolation prize is what many consider the top CB in the draft.

14. Seattle: Dez Bryant,WR - Missing out on Spiller hurts, but they can add a RB later. Giving some more receiving help to Whitehurst is a fine idea.

15. NYG: Rolando McClain,LB - They get the best LB and their number 1 need. Win/Win for them.

16. Tennessee: Everson Griffen,DE - Tennessee will get a DE here, even if they have to reach a little. Brandon Graham is not someone they see as a pure DE (too bad for them) so they will go with the new "Freak".

17. San Francisco: Bruce Campbell,OT - It's worth it to them. He has great attributes and can develop nicely, plus he will only have to play RT.

18. Pittsburgh: Mike Iupati,OG - I am standing by my pick from before. Kyle Wilson might be an entertaining offer but Pittsburgh's defense has and always will be about their LB's and S. They have no O Line to protect Ben's big dumb brain and will address it with the best and meanest G in the draft.

19. Atlanta: Brandon Graham,DE - They worried for a second but get the man they want a lot.

20. Miami(from Houston): Sergio Kindle,LB - No Porter, no Taylor. They need a pass rush LB. This is the best one available, plus it is a pretty nice fuck you to New England.

21. Cincinnati: Jermaine Gresham,TE - Who am I to disagree with 85 percent of the people out there? They have a solid (if not suprising) defense, O line, and running game. The only thing that really hurt them last year (and my run to a fantasy championship) was a weak passing attack. Grabbing the best TE is the choice to make.

22. New England: Jared Odrick,DT - This is why they make draft boards. Sergio Kindle is probably ranked higher, but they will be quite satisfied with Odrick.

23. Green Bay: Kyle Wilson,CB - It's a reach for either of the two OT's and since Wilson dropped lower then they thought he would, might as well get the heir to Woodson.

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Oh man so many choices! OT Davis in the hope he becomes a dominant G? C/G Pouncey because he can play both positions great? What about Dan Williams because he is easily the best defensive lineman on the board? What about Taylor Mays, because if the Eagles don't piss off their fans, it doesn't really feel like the draft? Nope I am staying with Devin McCourty,CB because I truly believe this draft will be our Sheppard/Brown reboot.

25. Baltimore: Taylor Mays,S - I just think this pick fits so much. With Ed Reed almost at the end of his career and Taylor Mays being the physical specimen he is, time to give the Baltimore defense a kickstart into the next decade.

26. Arizona: Dan Williams,DT - I still don't think he is gonna be a great NT, but the scouts say otherwise. Since Williams was supposed to be gone by this point Cody would have been the pick, but since Williams is still hanging around, they will most certainly select him.

27. Dallas: Anthony Davis,OT - They like big O linemen in Dallas, so they get the biggest and most talented one left.

28. Buffalo(from San Diego): Tim Tebow,QB - They love Tim Tebow and want him bad. San Diego wants Ryan Matthews but realizes that they can get him in the early second. Not sure of the exact combination it would take to move up(besides Buffalo's second rounder), but I think this is the spot they do it.

29. NYJ: Jerry Hughes,DE/LB - His stock keeps rising and he can play DE or LB. This makes him perfect for the 3-4 LB position and makes this the Jets selection.

30. Minnesota: Terrence Cody,DT - Pat Williams is old and won't play forever. Time to get some new blood who can be just as bad ass.

31. Indianapolis: Charles Brown,OT - They need him since the O line is starting to wither. Pouncey is an option too, but I think is the pick.

32. New Orleans: Sean Weatherspoon,LB - They take BPA, simple as that.

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