Ok, fine, I'll be the first one

After the schedule has been released, I felt that there would be tons of predictions flying around, well there doesn't seem to be that much action on here by 730 am, wow guys, come on, where is the devotion?!! HAHA

Since I have nothing better to do, I am going to go down the list of games and predict Wins and Losses, as I am sure you all have already.

Week 1 - Green Bay - Loss (0-1) - Green Bay's aerial attack will be too much for the Eagles secondary to handle this early in the season. The only hope is to hit Aaron Rodgers early, and often. I just think this team will be firing on all cylinders to start the season, and the Eagles will be in the hole early.

Week 2 - at Detroit - Win (1-1) - It's the Lions, win.

Week 3 - at Jacksonville - Win (2-1) - Jacksonville will attempt to run the ball all day w/ MJD, and if the eagles can stuff him early on, and score on the Jacksonville defense, which I think they will, the Jaguars will have to give up on feeding the ball to their best player MJD early, and attempt to pass. If we can keep Mike Sims-Walker in check, we will win this important away game.

Week 4 - Washington - Win (3-1) - The first welcome back party for McNabb will be a sad day for Washington fans as the "Washed up"ington redskins will not be able to run the ball, as all their RB's should be in wheel chairs, and I see McNabb struggling early w/ a poor offensive line, and even poorer recievers.

Week 5 - at San Francisco - Win (4-1) - Whoa, is this a little winning streak? Last year we showed we could beat the niners, I don't see any major reason why we shouldn't, barring some injurty to our Defensive line, Gore should be kept in check, and after this game the Niners will switch Alex Smith to bench, and go with whatever QB they take in the 2nd round this upcoming draft.

Week 6 - Atlanta - Win (5-1) - This has been a game that I have been going back and forth on, and I decided to drink the Kool-aid and assume an Eagles win, what can I say, I am optimistic at this point in the season. I base this on our Defense being able to hold the Falcons to under 21 points, while I see our offense scoring more, the first real test for Kolb will be to out-duel Matt Ryan.

Week 7 - at Tennessee - Win (6-1) - Vince Young? Give me a break.

Week 8 -  BYE - Win? We always win bye weeks

Week 9 - Indianapolis - Lose (6-2) - I know, Andy doesn't lose games after the bye week, but come on, the NFL really must want that streak to end by putting the Colts after our bye week.

Week 10 - at Washington - Win (7-2) - The sweep of the lowly redskins completes this week and Donovan goes down 0-2 against his former team. The 'Skins fans boo, and every commentator ever decides that Donovan is still elite, and that the redskins haven't given him enough playmakers, and Shanahan is asking too much of him.

Week 11 - NY Giants - Win (8-2) - This is a must win for the Eagles, their last weeks are brutal, and a home game against a division opponent will get them to play their best.

Week 12 - at Chicago - Lose (8-3) - The bears fan in my office is not going to let me live this one down, however, we escapted the Bears last year because Jay Cutler overthrew 2 TD's, I tend to think he will take a step forward, and while their defense is aging, they will enjoy watching Peppers eat him some Kolb Salad. (Also, between this and the Falcons games, these two are my hardest to predict, so I made them go 1-1 in these two games)

Week 13 - Houston - Win (9-3) - What can I say, this will be a great offensive game, very little defense will be played. Hopefully this will be a redemption game for Kolb after playing poorly against the Bears.

Week 14 - at Dallas -  Loss (9-4) - F*CK!!!!! Not Dallas! Yes, Dallas will beat us, and it will be a bit of a blowout, I hate you Jerry Jones.

Week 15 - at NY Giants  - Loss (9-5) - What the Hell Eagles!!!???!!! Yup, it's looking bad, but I fear the NYG pass rush enough to make the Eagles go 1-1 this year against the GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGMEN

Week 16 - Minnesota - Win (10-5) - Really? Against the Vikings? Well I tend to think they may be either resting some of their players, or in a dire situation w/ injuries to Favre and Peterson. I just have this feeling that we can topple the Viking's War Ship.

Week 17 - Dallas - Win (11-5) - The last game at home will be a really important game, I see playoffs and a serious matchup here, and I think that we win 44-6, hahahaha probably not, but I still see the Eagles defending the Linc against the lowly Cock-a-roaches!

Well there you go, an 11-5 season is sure to come for the Eagles, to be honest, I am a little bit surprised as well, I didn't really add it all up until now, but I think this is very possible, I also think 7-9 is very possible as well, however I am making my picks and sticking to them!

Until I don't.

Also, why do we have to go with the term young guns for the eagles players? I know it has young in the name, but how about this new nick name.....

 ...The Birds of War!



Stomp! Clap! Stomp! Stomp! Clap! Stomp! Clap! Stomp! Stomp! Clap!

The eagle's born out of thunder. He flies through the night. Don't you mess with his eggs now, or you'll see us fight!

Yes we have feathers, but the muscles of men. 'Cuz we're birds of war now, but we're also men! Birds of war!

Ah ah ah ah!!

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