the most unpopular mock draft youll read all year


1/24 - The worst kept secret in the draft is that the Eagles want to move up from this position... If I was in charge there would be two choices 1) we move up alot and go for earl thomas (berry would be my real first choice and if he somehow gets past seven this whole thing changes... unfortunately i dont see him getting past seven or us giving up enough to get to five or six 2) we give up alot less and go for Kyle Wilson... Either player would fit into my grand scheme (which we will get into next) but Earl Thomas adds alot more versatility to it so he is the final pick.


2/37 - Here is where I lose most of you... The eagles make the rare Safety/Safety combo with their first two picks and choose Taylor Mays. I was a big fan of the 3 safety set that JJ was running a few years back and I not only plan to bring that back but also make it our base defense. We pull a linebacker and move Taylor Mays into a type of hybrid MLB/FS position with Sims/Bradley the base 2 LBs on either side... At any time we can move Mays into a more traditional LB position and play a standard 43... we can also move him back to a traditional FS role and push thomas into a CB spot and play a nickel... If you are still reading this I would appreciate you sticking with me til the end before you start the fire/pitchfork march to the comments section


2/55 - Patrick Robinson - CB/FSU - Gonna stick with it and go 3 for 3 with picks in the secondary. I admiteddly havent followed the 2nd/3rd tier of cornerbacks as much as I should have but this is the one guy who I keep coming back to. Sure he gambles but he is one hell of a player and rumor is that assante might not be here too much longer so we are gonna need a playmaker to step in and take his place. 


3/70 - "Look at this idiot. We are only 3 picks in and there is no way he can say anything that will piss me off more than I already am"... I'm about to prove you wrong, with the 70th pick in the 2010 NFL draft the philadelphia eagles select RB, Dexter McCluster, Ole Miss, 170 lbs soaking wet... This is not an indictment on LeSean McCoy, more a realization that the league has changed. Unless your name is Adrian Peterson no one player can hold down a backfield by himself. Much has been stated about McCoy adding some bulk to help him withstand the pounding a #1 RB takes over the course of the year. I think this is going to be a good thing for his career, a bad thing for his speed... thats where Dexter comes in. If Westbrook doesnt get signed by GreenBay I hope the FO would take a long look at bringing him in solely as a mentor to the 2 as well

Past the Wilson/Thomas decision in the first this guy is one of my top targets in the draft. If it means I have to grab him at 55 then pick up someone like Javier Arenas here, so be it


3/87 - JD Walton C/Baylor - Am I in love with this pick?? No. But we do have to have some type of back up plan in case JJackson isnt ready for the start of the year. The only negative you hear about Walton is his lack of athleticism and his inability to get out in front of the screen play (which could be brought to whole new levels with Dexter). Would that make Tennant and/or Olsen a better fit?? Cant say so I will stick with Walton for now


4/105 - AJ Edds SLB/Iowa - Dont have much of a story for him... Ive had him going to the eagles in every other mock ive done so might as well stick with him til the end


4/121 - I figured no one is still reading this so I might as well shoot for the stars... Mike Williams WR/Syracuse... Head case or not BPA... Im an Avant fan but not big enough on him to pass up a talent like Mike for a Mike McGlynn level OL prospect


5/137 - Ernie Sims WLB/FSU/Detroit - Looooove it... one of the fastest LBs in the league and a guy I will expect to hear alot out of next year


6/200 - Zoltan Mesko P/Michigan - His dad was a pro bowler and hopefully he can become one too (bad shtick)


7/243 - LeGarrette Blount RB/Oregon - Do I still think he will be available here?? No. But I think I lost the few people that were still here with that Mike Williams pick so whats the difference. I would have zero problems paying out Mike Bell the small portion of his guaranteed contract, sign LB, and still be up a couple 100K (vs paying Bell his full salary)


7/244 - Best OL/DL available... who knows


(I know I have not accounted for the picks we use to trade up for thomas but didnt feel like trade chart point evaluating or seeing who might be looking to trade back)


WR - Jackson, Williams

TE - Celek, Ingram

RT - Justice

RG - Cole/MJG

C - Jackson/Walton

LG - Herremans

LT - Peters

WR - Maclin, Avant

QB - Klob, Vick

FB - Weaver

HB - McCoy, McCluster, Blount


RE - Cole

DT - Bunk

DT - Patterson

LE - Tapp/Abriamiri

WLB - Sims

SLB - Stew

RCB - Hobbs, Robinson

FS - Thomas

3S - Mays

SS - Mikell

LCB - Samuel, Hanson

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