Re-evaluated Team Needs NFC East: Redskins

Last year was a huge disappointment for the Redskins. Their coach, Jim Zorn, lost command and respect in the organization, Jason Campbelland their offense was ugly, and star DT Albert Haynesworthhad a less than average year with the Redskins after huge $100 million dollar deal. Now the team has a strong leader in their new coach Mike Shanahan and in Ex-Eagle quarterback Donovan McNabb; who was traded late this off-season for a second round pick (37). 

Now, the Redskins are re-inventing themselves. They have bolstered the run game with names like Larry Johnson and Willie Parker to add to Clinton Portis. They have changed themselves from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 scheme. This however has cause some disruption that the Redskins don't need from Albert Haynesworth. His inability to follow the teams wishes to become a 3-4 nose tackle has cause serious damage, in that the Redskins are willing to deal the highest comity of last years off-season. Unfortunately, his huge contract limits his suitors. For the Redskins to compete in a competitive division like the east, they need to improve the blocking for the pass and rush game, for McNabb isn't his vintage 2000 self and needs protection. Also he needs improved receivers. Improvement in the secondary is also needed as well as depth in the front seven. 

Team Needs In Order








OL Hole: The Redskins have the second oldest offensive line. To have the running game working they need to improve the interior center position and for McNabb to work his magic, they need to replace Chris Samuels right now and have a future guy for Randy Thomasat the right tackle. Shanahan knows the importance of the trenches and addresses it often in the draft.

WR Hole: The 2010 Redskins look like the early 2000 Eagles. Poor OL and no outside threats. The only difference if they have a old pocket McNabb instead of a vintage scramble McNabb and no Westbrook, his leading  receiver in that time. So for them to have success, they need more "toys" and the only ones he's have right now is Chris Cooley, coming off a knee injury.

Front Seven Hole:This isn't so much of a hole in that they have a very good front seven. However, there is a serious problem in depth. London Fletcher is getting old as well as Andre Carter. They need someone to play a 3-4 nose tackle and a five technique defensive end. And Haynesworth has expressed his disinterest in a 3-4 scheme.

Mock Draft

Round 1 (4) - Russell Okung T, Oklahoma State

Redskins should know how important a LT is after Lawrence Taylor ended the career of QB Joe Theismann. Shanahan takes him in the first like he has in the past.

Round 4 (103) - Brandon LaFell WR, LSU

Huge and lots of upside. Has soft hands and flashes the ability to catch the ball away from his body. Is an athletic receiver. But has problems being a deep threat with lack of concentration that leads to some drops and a lack of burner speed. Taken by the Redskins to fix the Kelly and Thomas mistake, leading the Eagles to take Jackson just two years ago.

Round 5 (135) - Ted Larsen C, North Carolina State

With Casey Rabach getting older and older, they need a center to anchor a running game. The late round center adds a boost to a running game the Redskins are trying to improve.

Round 7 (211) - Austen Lane DE, Murray State

Lane has the prototypical size for a 3-4 DE. His size and explosiveness are noticeable, but seemed to be shut down by better competition in college.

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