1st Round Mock Draft

With the draft only a few weeks away, the site will finally die down about the McNabb stuff and focus on what matters now (please?).

1. Rams Select: QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma


The rams restart their franchise with a quarterback of the future. Allows the Rams to have their young skill players like Donnie Avrey and Steven Jackson, and ... yeah that basically it.

2. Lions Select: DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska


The Detroit Lions already have the quarterback and their offense wasn't that bad last year. But, the defense was one of the worst last year, 32 against the run. So Jim Schwartz drafts the next Albert Haynesworth (hopefully without the attitude).

3.  Bucs Select: DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma


The Bucs need the next Warren Sapp, so they take the second best DT McCoy, which will greatly improve that tampa two defense

4. Redskins Select: LT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State


With former Eagles Donovan McNabb at center for our rivals the Redskins, they have a quarterback for 4-5 years. So don't look for the quarterback of the future to be drafted this year, but maybe is already on the team and was drafted two years ago, Hawaii native Colt Brennan. The Redskins bolster their offensive line with Okung and replace Samuels.

5. Chiefs Select: T/G Bryan Bulaga, Iowa


The Chiefs need a OL more than DB for one reason. Their HUGE investment in Matt Cassel they traded last year for from the Pats. Drafting Bulaga fixes their whole left side with Albert moving to guard and pro-bowler Waters to center. 

6. Seahawks Select: T Trent Williams, Oklahoma


With long time Seahawks and future Hall of Fame tackle Walter Jones retiring, the Seahawks need to replace him to protect anyone playing QB for them next year. Trent Williams is a top ten tackle in the draft.

7. Browns Select: QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame


Clausen's pro day helps his draft stock significantly. The Browns president Mike Holgren attended the QB's pro-day and later conversed with the QB. I think the Holgren, drafts him and develops him for a couple of years.

8. Raiders Select: OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland


The Raiders need a tackle and he has a 4.85 40 time. Maybe the Raiders don't eff up the draft this year! Oh, wait...Al Davis is still there? Never mind.

 9. Bills Select: QB Tm Tebow, Florida


C'mon. They are DESPERATE.

10. Jaguars Select: S Eric Berry, Tennessee


Although slipping in mock, the Jaguars miss out on Tebow, but get a not only the best DB prospect in this draft, but a guy who can kick Tebow's butt.

11. Broncos Select: DT Dan Williams, Tennessee


Jamaal Williams is toward the end of his career and to run a successful 3-4, you need a stud NT.

12. Dolphins Select: DE/OLB Jason Pierre-Paul USF


The Dolphins need help with pass-rushing after getting rid of Joey Porter. So they take Pierre-Paul as a 3-4 OLB.

13. 49ers Select: CB Joe Haden, Florida


The 49ers need help with their defense and Joe Hayden is the best CB in this years class. With a improved secondary, the Niners are contenders with the Cardinals

14. Seahwaks Select: RB Cj Spiller, Clemson


The Seahawks need a skill player with this pick. If they wanted a WR they would have already traded this pick for Brandon Marshall, but they haven't and won't.  Spiller is the best RB in the draft and will be their featured back.

15. Giants Select: DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech


With many 3-4 teams in the early rounds, he falls to the giants and they get a pass rusher and a rush stopper.

16. Titans Select: DE Everson Griffin, USC


The Titans need a DE to replace Kyle Vanden Bosch. Although he might noot be popular with the fans, Everson Griffen had an incredible Pro Day, running a 4.59 at 6-3, 268 pounds. He has massive upside and fills a big position of need.

17. 49ers Select: T Anthony Davis, Rutgers 


San Francisco has a huge hole at right tackle. Tony Pashos was out for the year, while Adam Snyder allowed 9.5 sacks They need to improve their OL for Alex Smith.

18. Steelers Select: G Mike Iupati, Idaho


The Steelers OL is one of the weakest in the NFL despite being a great team and winning the Superbowl two years ago. With Iupati, the Steelers protect not only the quarterback, but help the Steelers go back to the classic running game fans are accustom to seeing. 

19. Falcons Select: LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri


The Falcons defense needs the most help. While Brandon Graham is still on the board, the Falcons desperately need linebackers and they might give Jammal Anderson one more go. Weatherspoon can play WILL or MIKE linebacker.

20. Texans Select: CB Kyle Wilson, Bosie State


With the Texans on the rise, they need to fix a couple of things to fully compete with the Colts. With Dunta Robinson is gone the secondary needs a boost.

21. Bengals Select: TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma


Having Jermaine Gresham as an option for Carson Palmer significantly helps the Bengals passing attack, which struggled a little bit last year. 

22. Pats Select: DE/OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas


While the Pats usually don't draft rushing linebackers early, they realize that Junior Seau can't keep playing for them. Plus, LB Adalius Thomas is beginning to lose favor.

23. Packers Select: C/G Maurkice Pouncey, Florida C/G


Pouncey fixes a horrible OL fast. They resigned Clifton to protect Roger's blindside, so that is a temporary fix. Because he can play both center and guard, helps his value.

24. Eagles Select: S Earl Thomas, Texas


Earl Thomas is one of the best defensive back prospects. He luckily slides to us at 24 and are overjoyed to have him. He could possibly play CB for us since Sheldon is gone and Samuel is seriously ill with the case of "horrific tackling deficiency"-(

25. Ravens Select: WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State


Bryant is a top ten talent, but has some serious red flags. He seriously slips and the Ravens  get him and let him develop. Who know how long Derrick Mason will play? How long will the team rent Donte Stallworth? The Ravens get a star for the future to be coupled with Anquan Boldin.

26. Cardinals Select: ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama


The Cardinals need more talent from their 3-4 linebackers. Joey Porter was added, but he plays outside. McClain can play inside and boost their overall defense.

27. Cowboys Select: T Charles Brown, USC


With the age of the Cowboys creeping on them, Romo protection becomes more and more a liability. Brown "tries" to block stud RE like Cole and Tuck.

28. Chargers Select: RB Ryan Matthews, Fresno State


The Cali native stays in California and provides a 1 2 punch along side Darren Sproles.

29. Jets select: WR Arrelious Benn, Illinois


The Jets drafted Sanchez a year ago, now they give him weapons that don't drop the ball with the second best receiver in the draft.

30. Vikings Select: S Taylor Mays, USC

The secondary for the vikings is the weakest link for their defense and Taylor adds a physical presence to the secondary.  Leslie Frazier is one of the best defensive coaches and coaches him up to his full potential.

31. Colts Select: T Rodger Saffold, Indiana


The Colts seemed to fire on all cylinders except the OL in the Superbowl. Their OL was man handled and they are currently rebuilding it. This is one big brick.

32. Saints Select: DE Brandon Graham, Michigan


While LB is a need, Graham is the best player on the board and greatly improves the pass rush. Another Trent Cole.

There you go. Now I'll answer some obvious questions about my draft.

1. Tim Tebow in the first round? Yes, and I agree he shouldn't be taken in the 1st round let alone top ten. But the top ten are all desperate. That means that they must do whatever to get better, and the greatest way to get better is QB. Also, Jim Kelly publicly stated that Tebow shouldn't be picked by the Bills with the number nine. That could mean that they are considering it.

2. Eric Berry sliding to 10? With the Browns and Cheifs have huge needs at other positons, it could be that he is scooped by the Jags at 10

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