Eagles Mock draft

Okay, here's who I want the Eagles to draft (and can see them getting) to fill our many needs on both sides of the ball. With any luck I'm right, but I probably won't be. I borrowed chaotic_eagle's format for doing the seven round thing. So props to him :P

A few things to note: I fully expect a lot of movement during the actual draft, but since draft day trading can be terribly unpredictable, this mock will be done with the current Eagle's draft picks, with no trades involved. Granted, I did have a scenario where the Eagles traded down in the first round to grab more picks, but it seemed a bit unrealistic, so I scrapped that.


Round 1 - Pick 24 - 24th Overall Pick

Devin McCourty - CB - Rugters

Wilson is the better rated prospect, but I have the feeling that McCourtey is the better fit for our defence. McCourtey's biggest knock is he can't run with bigger receivers and doesn't have great hands, but when you consider that he'll be more than likely manning up on roughly 6ft receivers, it shouldn't be a problem. At the very very least, McCourty should provide a dynamic special teams threat with a great timed speed. This will be a good investment for the Eagles.

Alternate Picks: Kyle Wilson CB, Earl Thomas FS

Round 2 - Pick 5 - 37th Overall Pick

Nate Allen - FS - South Florida

Earl Thomas didn't fall to the Eagles in the first round and the eagles defensive scheme relies on a stud safety like Dawkins in the defensive backfield to be able to make the plays. Enter Nate Allen, one of the most underrated prospects in the current draft class. As a safety he has been known  as being a centrefielder as well as being tough, physical and smart. Allen is also a leader and a three year starter on his college team. This guy will be a stud safety for the next ten years, a leader on defense and a definite starter from day one. Mark my words. His biggest knock is that he may have maxed ouy his potential, but the way i see it the kid has pretty much everything most teams want in a safety already.

Round 2 - Pick 23 - 55th Overall Pick


Daryl Washington - OLB - TCU

Wait...what? defense with the first three picks? I hear many ask. Yes, and I don't see a lineman being taken for quite some time yet. Anyway, onto the player. Washington has been mocked to Philly so many times in the last few weeks its unbeleivable. Many of you have already heard about what he can bring to the team - fantastic instincts, good sideline to sideline speed etc. He'll be a definite fit for the philly defense, and replenishes a weak LB core. Will start day 1 at WILL.


Round 3 - Pick 6 - 70th Overall Pick

AJ Edds - LB - Iowa

Linerbacker two picks in a row? Yes. Linebacker was the real problem last year and while thats going to be strengthened with the addition of Stewart Bradley returning, I'm notholding my breath that he's going to be completely 100%, so two LB picks can be brought in as insurance. Additionally, Edds is a legitamate SAM backer, playing at 6'4 246. He's got the size to play and additionally, I think he can use it. Thirdly, this guy is a phenomenol coverage linebacker who spent almost all of his college career covering tight ends, running backs etc. This is exactly what the Eagles need.

Round 3 - Pick 23 - 87th Overall Pick

JD Walton - C - Baylor

Finally I challenge my inner Andy reid and go O-Line. JD Walton would be a fantastic fit for the O-Line and will beast it up for years to come at Centre. Additionally, he will end up being the eventual replacement for Jaamal Jackson. I have no faith in Nick Cole as our next centre and Walton can solidify the O-Line. Additionally, I think he has the strength to hold the interior rushers that our division looks to be high on right now (Haynesworth, Ratliff).

Round 4 - Pick 7 - 105th Overall Pick

Ciron Black - OL - LSU

Yeah, this pick, while unorthodox, wouldn't surprise me. Black was originally mocked to us at the start of the season before he got canned by scouts for everything from being too slow to not have long arms. However, I'm guessing that these scouts were scouting him as a tackle, and a left tackle at that. I mean, sure, the Eagles could use him as a back-up to peters in a pinch, but he'd be much better as insurance in case Justice doesn't perform again, or, and here's why i drafted him at this spot - the starting Right Guard. I have no faith in Stacey Andrews and whoever else gets plugged in too replace him, and Black has terrific run blocking upside. Also, there's not a huge amount of risk with this pick (its only a fourth). What better pick that perhaps a terrifiic starting RG in the fourth round?

Round 4 - Pick 23 - 121st Overall Pick


Jarrett Brown - QB - West Virginia


Andy likes having developmental QB's sitting behind his starters for a few years befoere he can ship them off again when they get old. Enter Jarret Brown. Brown has altheticism and an arm, except he is raw (he sat behind Pat White for 2 years) and therefore not a great decision maker. Sit him for a few years, even have him as Vick v2.0 when we do, eventually, ship Vick off. Maybe one day he could be star franchise QB for us. I'm not holding my breath but its a possibility, and with a 4th round pick that would be a steal.

Round 5 - Pick 6 - 137th Overall Pick

Daniel Te'o Neshiem - DE - Washington

Stolen from Chatoic_Eagle, who I think sums him up pretty well:

Folks, I'd like to introduce you to the next Trent Cole, Daniel Te'o Neshiem. OK, perhaps not, but Cole was drafted in the 5th round...but to make the case, he's very much similar to Cole; so much perhaps that it's somewhat eerie. Only an inch in height and a few pounds in weight separate the two in the physical department, while both play with an incredible motor and never give up on plays. In the Eagles 4-3 Defense, he would project to be a DE, and has the ability to be a Trent Cole type of player; with impressive Pro Day and Combine results to back up his showing.

Additionally, The Eagles worked him out privately. Yes, I think this will be the pick.

Round 6 - Pick 31 - 200th Overall Pick

Again, Choatic_Eagle with the goods:

Zoltan Mesko - P - Michigan

Sav Rocca, meet your maker with the even more kick@ss name. With Rocca being way too inconsistent this year with the punting job, I think it's time they ended the "Aussie Experiment" and pick up Zoltan Mesko, punter from Michigan, whom they've shown interest in. Perhaps finally he can end the Eagles mediocrity from the punter position, because to be quite frank, I can't remember when the Eagles have had decent punting on their side. Did I mention he has a kick@ss name? Seriously, one of the best names I've heard in a while.

Round 7 - Pick 36 - 242nd Overall Pick

Deiji Karim, RB, Southern Illinois 

5-9, 210, runs a 4.37 40 time and a 43 inch vertical if we decide to throw him the ball? Yeah, I like the sound of this guy, and think he could be a fantastic complement to McCoy. Remember Mike Bell is only signed for one year. Additonally, Andy Reid liked Toby Gerhadt but didn't want to spend a high pick on him. This guy has a similiar running style and would fit the short yardage need perfectly. 


Round 7 - Pick 37 - 243rd Overall Pick

Ryan Stamper - LB - Florida

A third Linebacker? yeah. Stamper could be a situational rush linebacker and could be a back-up at WILL if need be. Additionally, he'll be a great special teamer, and with a conditional 7th round pick, thats sometimes all you really want.


Okay, so what do you guys think? Good? Bad? Ugly? Give me some feedback and maybe I'll fill out an updated one in the next week or so before the draft

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