Eagles Offeason Prediction (updated and detailed)

I'm bored on this Sunday afternoon so I am going to give an updated prediction of the Eagles offseason. Thisoffseason really isn't that bad. Peppers and Kampman both had questions surrounding them and I wouldn't want to overpay for Rolle ever. The Rhodes trade was nice for the Cards for the price but Rhodes isn't anything special. Trust me I live in New York and Jets fans are whining about him all the time. 

Now here are a few predictions...

1. Eagles sign Kirk Morrison who is tendered with a third round pick. This is a heck of a bargain for a talented linebacker who is only 28. This signing would slide Stewart Bradley to an OLBposition. (thats a lil video with some highlights of him

2. This was brought up in a recent fanpost and it definitely caught my eye. The Bills want rid of Whitner. That's awesome. I would love to see the Eagles trade Vick and a late pick (probably a sixth).

3. The Eagles are going to sign Marlin Jackson to a deal. He is a talented corner who is only 26 years old. The story is hot off the press that he will be visiting the NovaCare Complex soon.

4. Jason Avant will definitely be back along with Nick Cole, Ellis Hobbs, and Akeem Jordan. I guess I have to say the Eagles will bring back Gocong since they tendered him with a third but it really hurts to say that. I hate him at outside linebacker. Hopefully they try to bring him back to defensive end and if all else fails they just cut him.

5. As much as I want Donovan out of here, I just can't see him being traded. 

And now for the mock draft:

Round 1: The Eagles need another outside linebacker now that the Eagles cut Will Witherspoon. With that said I see the Eagles taking the vocal and athletic outside linebacker from Mizzou. Who is that? Sean Weatherspoon. This guy plays great and has great character.

Round 2: The Eagles draft Greg Hardy, the defensive end from Ole Miss. With the right mentor Hardy will EASILY become a star. He was once benched for lack of effort in 2008 but I have confidence that this guy will continue to stay on the right track. This kid has so much talent and it's obvious he just needs the proper push to get him going.

Round 3: The Eagles had two picks in this round but after they signed Kirk Morrison, they had to give one to the Raiders. With their now lone third round pick I see the Eagles taking either Toby Gerhart or Anthony Dixon. I personally like Anthony Dixon because he runs with more power and would compliment McCoy well but since I predicted this in my last post and got ripped for it, I'm going to say that Gerhart could be drafted as well.'

Round 4: The Eagles have two pick in this round. With their first pick of the round I see them getting another linebacker to provide depth (this is necessary because I dont see the Eagles bring back Tracy White). This linebacker will likely be named AJ Edds or Micah Johnson. With their second pick the Eagles will take an interior offensive lineman. Mitch Petrus from Arkansas and Brandon Carter from Texas Tech would be available there. 

Round 5: The Eagles have no picks in the fifth round

Round 6: The Eagles will trade their lone sixth round pick to the Bills along with Michael Vick for Donte Whitner(Safety)

Round 7: The Eagles have no picks in the seventh round.

And that concludes my mock draft...but not my offseason.

The Eagles will sign undrafted rookie free agent, Kenny Alfred to fight for the starting center spot for the Eagles which will be really up for grabs. The competition will be between him, Mike McGlynn, and Nick Cole in my opinion.

What do you think? I really think this would solve all of our holes and is really really realistic


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