Scarce Pickings

 With the start of the second day of free agency, many of the top prizes have been sign. While Banner made a good move signing Fullback Leonard Weaver to a 3 year 11 mil deal; he let some talented players slip by in some our neediest positions.

Day 1 Recap


But there are some value guys still avabile. It's important to sign at least one guy at our need because then it frees up our picking order some more.

Eagles Needs- DE, OLB, ILB, FS, SS, OL, RB

FS: Darren Sharper Age: 34 UFA

Our secondary fell apart last season down the stretch. And for once our offense saved the day for a while. But when the Cowboys killed our offense; our weak defense was to fend for itself. Currently at FS we have Macho Harris and Quintin Demps. Both have been somewhat disappointments. Signing Sharper would cure our current secondary ills, but provide as a good mentor-ship for Harris and Demps. This gives the Eagles flexibility to draft Myron Rolle in the 3rd round. Sharper has proventhat the is still effective, picking quarterbacks 9 times last year and scoring 3 times last year. Lets make the Saints make the same error that we have a year ago with Brian Dawkins.

FS/SS: Jermaine Phillips  Age: 30 UFA

The safety is in his 8th year in the NFL and a solid player. He has been in some off-field problems and had missed most of last season; only playing 2 games. But looking at his production last year, the FS/SS had 3 picks and a FF along with59 tackles. By signing him offers versatility at both S positions.

FS Gibril Wilson Age: 28 UFA

The last year GibrilWilsonwas a top tier S was with the Superbowl Champ Giants. Latley have been slipping in play, the veteran was cut by the Dolphins not to long ago. The FS could revitalize his career and our secondarywith new coach Dick Jauron and former secondary coach Scott McDermott.

FS: Oj Atogwe Age: 28 RFA

The Rams have assigned the lowest possible restricted free agent tender, known as "right of first refusal," to FS O.J. Atogwe.

The team announced the move was made "with intent to sign...a long term contract." Atogwe has until June 1 to find an offer sheet elsewhere. If he doesn't, the Rams have to cut him or pay him nearly $7 million at that point. While Atogwe's play was down some, he remained St. Louis' top defensive back. The 29-year-old is sure to generate interest and a trade can't be ruled out.

 It would be worth it to give up a 3rd rounder and maybe a 5th for this guy. One of the Rams best players, the Safety has amazing abilities. He hads 2 INT, 3FF, 1 Sack, and 74 Tackles. It would solidify the FS position for a while and we would probably spend a top three pick on S anyway.

Prediction: Eagles trade for Oj Atogwe or sign Darren Sharper to a 2 year deal. For sure, the Eagles dont go into the draft without someone there.

DE: Aaron Kampman Age: 30 UFA

Kampman is the best DE on the market currently. If the Eagles sign him, we receive not only a top tier DE but a agent that frees up long time DE Trent Cole. This move makes a lot of sense actually; the Eagles offer the vet a decent deal because he is playing for a contender and the Eagles can continue some what of a LDE cycle while Kampman isn't at full speed. The Eagles can draft a guy in the second or third. And Andy Reid has taken chances on injured guys EX: Stacy Andrews; so this isn't far fetched. But we need to hurry, the DE is reported to visit Jacksonville soon.

DE: Derrick Burgess Age: 31 UFA

Derrick Burgess may return to the Eagles, filling the much needed void at LDE. In 09 he recorded 5 sacks with the Patriots

DE: Adewale Ogunleye Age: 32 UFA

With the arrival of DE Julius Peppers, the Bears probably won't be interested in DE  Adewale Ogunleye. The DE has had productive years in Chicago, racking up 39 sacks in 6 years with the Bears. Adewale Ogunleye provides a excellent pass rush if Trent Cole is double teamed.

Prediction: We sign Aaron Kampman to a 3 year deal. Drafting a DE in the second.

OLB: Angelo Crowell  Age: 28 UFA

The LB was one of the most coveted LB of last years free agents. But he suffered from a season ending bicep tear. The UFA could find a home in Philadelphia.

OLB: Thomas Howard Age: 26 RFA

Thomas Howard is very solid OLB and would be a great addition to the Eagles. The Raiders tenderedhim to a second round pick. I have a feeling that the price might be a little high for the Eagles to bite. But we could agree to a trade with a certain Mike Vick.

ILB: Kirk Morrison Age: 28 RFA

Captain Kirk is up for sale by the Raiders. The Raiders only tendered him to a third round pick; leaving many in interest. The accomplished ILB would provide a steal for the LB hungry Eagles. Kirk could be ILB and Steward Bradley could be SAM or vise versa. Then by drafting a LB in the first round; the Eagles have a 2010 starting LB core. 

3-4 ILB: Derrick Johnson Age: 27 RFA

Last year, the Eagles were buzzing about trading for LB Derrick Johnson and many fans wanted him. This year while he is a RFA; the Chiefs have been hush hush about his tender (if any) or his status of interests. Maybe the Eagles being one of them?

OLB: Keith Bulluck Age: 32 UFA

The famous linebacker hits the market with some production; but with old age and injury, the Eagles don't take a risk.

Prediciton: Kirk Morrison is aquired from the Raiders for a third round pick. We pick up a WLB in the draft in the first round.


Prediction: 4th or 5th round we pick one 

C/G: Hank Fraley Age: 32 UFA

With the injury to Jamaal Jackson, the former Eagle might be a good option at C for a while.

T: Tra Thomas Age: 35 UFA

The longtime Eagle could provide backup talent for the Eagles for LT or RT.

T/G: Jeremy Bridges Age: 29 UFA

Bridges showed his versatility with the Cardinals playing T when his original position is G. He has a good year and will be a top guard in the free agent class this year.

G: Artis Hicks Age: 31 UFA

With the fluxuation of RG last year the Eagles could use solid depth at the position from the former Eagle.

C: Kevin Mawae Age: 39 UFA

The center is looking for money and a starting job and could get it with the Eagles "huge" hole at C with the injured Jackson.

Prediction: We sign Hank Fraley and he plays most if not all of the 2010 season at center.

C'mon BANNER lets go get us some wins. Leave a comment on who the Eagles will sign in free agency with whats left.

P.S. A here's a page with all the teams tenders if you argue for a RFA :)

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