Is anyone else a little worried?

Let me start by saying this is not me complaining that we have not traded Mcnabb yet - nor that we did not sign Julius Peppers.  Also, I know it is still very early.  My concerns are not due to a lack of a particular move - but more so from the overall needs for the team holding the current "acquisition pool" (draft + FA) 


Our defensive line does seem to me to be thin- not awful- but thin.  We have little depth at both positions as laws, victor, parker, and clemmons have provided us with little promises of a breakout year.  I would agree that most are suitable for an NFL roster- but i would assert that none would give you the type of performance in the a big game (ala giants dline) that you would need to beat an elite QB.  I simply think you cannot always rely on bitzing and even if you can if you could bring one less person and get the same amount of pressure instead of having 4 people in coverage you have 5 and improve coverage by 25%.  


I know we have all done this dance many times on BGN sheldo is unhappy, hanson did not come back and have strong performances etc.  Its not that they are not good- its that there is little backup here and i do not think the eagles can afford to used a 1st, 2nd or even 3rd round pick on the cornerback position because of safety, LB, and OL needs.  I guess we have to just hope Hobbs come back ready to play. 

Linebacking core.  

From most of the posts on BGN as well as from most Analysts the eagles defensive scheme is difficult to learn.  The weekly linebacker shuffle clearly demonstrates that the eagles are weak depth wise at the linebacking position.  Big Stu is a stud but he will be coming off that ACL tear and even if he eventually fine most people say it takes two years.  Furthermore regardless of where we draft a linebacker will he be able to go day one?  I know there is talk a Foku but historically the Eagles simply do not draft DL or LB very well.  The concern is magnified by the great rb/te combos we see in the NFC East.  Whenever the cowboys need 4 yards on the eagles it always seems to be a 5 year out rout to Witten.  

Offensive Line 

This area is really of little concern to me- Andy seems to be the best at drafting OL.  Even though andrews is a nutcase his ability on the field was incredible and Andy could not have foreseen what was about to happen.  

Offense overall

I think this area is fine overall.  I would like to see some changes in play calling and maybe them hire a better grounds crew so Mcnabb would not have to be so focused on air-rating the grass on game day but overall its fine.  


I know this may be a little all over the place and may of you know a lot more about football than I.  I guess my chief concern is that Andy may very have to abandon what I see as his drafting philosophy.  Considering all the drafts he has has - no so much recently but overall- its almost like Andy is a good drafter simply because he knows how risky individual picks are.  He would often trade down or in trades get more later round picks.  It often seemed as though his theory is throw enough stuff against the wall and something will stick.  In the current situation I do not seem him having that luxury.  I feel this draft simply has to be great - and that would worry me no matter how good the coach was.  I am really hoping I sound like an absolute idiot here but i just do not know.  

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