Up all night: Eagles free agency open thread

Rather than post every single rumor individually, I felt it would be a better idea to round this all up in one thread. So keep this post refreshed for everything. It would probably also be a good idea to follow me on twitter, as I'll have a lot of stuff there as well.

What we know so far...

The Eagles supposedly had a visit scheduled with Darren Sproles, but then he was tendered at the highest level.

Julius Peppers supposedly has a deal almost done with the Redskins. (Cough tampering cough)

Antonio Cromartie has been traded to the Jets for a 3rd round pick in 2011 that could rise to a 2nd rounder. That's quite a CB tandem they have there...

The Bears, Giants, Dolphins, & Cardinals are in talks with Antrel Rolle. Eagles don't appear interested.

The Eagles and Leonard Weaver agent had been working on a deal all day, but weren't able to get something done so he was tendered at a second round level. His agent still thinks a deal will be done by tomorrow.

A Bears beat writer is reporting that DE Aaron Kampman "may be heading to Philadelphia."

The Panthers have cut Jake Delhomme, but will have to pay him nearly $13 million to do so. However, just because they cut Delhomme, doesn't mean they have any interest in Michael Vick.

Matt Bowen of NFP says "League source says Seattle, Chicago and Detroit eyeing Kampman at this hour.... More teams are sure to come."

Geoff Mosher said just 2 minutes ago that Leonard Weaver's deal is "just about done."

[Note by JasonB, 03/04/10 12:00 PM EST ] Free Agency has begun!

Bears beat writers are reporting that Pepper's agent says he will visit Chicago tomorrow. Also reportedly headed to Chicago tommorow is RB Chester Taylor.

Adam Schefter is reporting that LB Karlos Dansby will visit Miami tomorrow

The NY Daily News cites a report that says Antrel Rolle will visit the Giants tomorrow and that the Giants could offer him $8 million per year.

Adam Caplan twitters that the Eagles are "poking around for veteran RB, source said"

Lions coach Jim Schwartz went to DE Kyle Vanden Bosch's house tonight in an attempt to get him to come to Detroit.

The Inquirer's Jeff McClane says to get some sleep..." Eagles fans get some rest, your team isn't going to have any free agent signings this early morning, according to a team source."

There is some Eagles related rumors though... National Football Post hears that the Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars and the Denver Broncos are all interested in Jason Babin.

Washington Post Skins reporter confirms "League source confirms that Redskins are in discussions for Eagles DE Jason Babin"

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