Notable RFA tenders from around the league...

Teams have gone all tender happy last night and I decided to make a compilation of some tenders that have been applied to players the Eagles might target or as has some connection to the Birds. As most of you know, once a player gets tendered at a level, another team could sign that player but would have to give up the designated draft pick. The player's current team could elect to match that offer or let him go. As for the players salary, they will get at least 110% of their previous year's pay or the amount designated to each tender level, whichever is greater. 

For example: Miles Austin got tendered for a 1st and 3rd. A WR needy team like the Ravens could sign Austin to a 6 year $60 million deal. If the Cowboys don't match that offer, Ravens get Austin but would have to send a 1st and 3rd round pick to them. 

Due to the upcoming uncapped season, free agency is quite limited so there are many more tenders being applied. Because of limited free agency options, most likely there will be some restricted free agents signed. Most of the quotes are from Pro Football Talk and a couple from National Football Post. I will update this post as more players get tendered. 

Kirk Morrison LB (Raiders) I posted a fan shot about him but I also posted this here because he is, in my opinion, the most easily acquirable star player out there.  Get it done F.O.

Middle linebacker Kirk Morrison, who has led the team in tackles for five straight seasons, was not so lucky.  Adam Schefter reports the team extended an "original pick" tender to Morrison, meaning any interested team would only have to give up a third-rounder if they signed him away.

Make no mistake, the Raiders would love for that to happen.

Morrison is due $2.5 million next season and would have made the exact same money if he got the second round tender.  (It's explained well here by the Oakland Tribune.)

Essentially, the Raiders placed a lower tender on Morrison despite no financial savings.  They wanted to create the highest chance for a trade and knew no one would give up a second-round pick for him


Thomas Howard LB (Raiders) Looks like the Raiders like Howard a bit more than Kirk. He is a damn good coverage linebacker. 

The Oakland Raiders have tendered outside linebacker Thomas Howard at the second-round level, David White of the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting. 

The one-year tender offer comes with a salary of $1.759 million, which would be a significant boost from Howard's 2009 base salary of $535,000. But Howard, who has played in all 64 games and started 62 since the Raiders drafted him in 2006, could make a whole lot more than that if he reaches a long-term deal with the Raiders or another team.

If another team signs Howard to an offer sheet, the Raiders would have a week to match it or get that team's second-round draft pick.


Richard Marshall CB / Thomas Davis LB (Both Panthers) Both players played at a pro bowl level last season. Marshall(25 years old) could be a steal for a second rounder. 

As we sift through the rubble of Wednesday's restricted free agency eruption, we're putting together a mental list of players that could be targeted for offer sheets.

Add Carolina cornerback Richard Marshall to the list.  He was tendered at a second-round level, which isn't too high for a starter coming off an impressive season.

UPDATE: Linebacker Thomas Davis was handed a first-round tender.

Nick Collins FS (Packers)  (Sad face....)

The Packers have extended a first- and third-round tender to restricted free agent FS Nick Collins.
Collins' agent stated last week the he was "optimistic" about the sides striking a long-term deal. The highest tender prevents Collins from being able to test free agency, but the Packers seem serious about an extension.


Ray Edwards DE (Vikings) Sorry, Edwards lovers. He's staying a Viking.

The Minnesota Vikings have put together a new version of their Purple People Eaters from days gone by.

And with defensive end Ray Edwards, who emerged in a big way during a division-round crushing of the Cowboys, eligible for restricted free agency, the Vikings are making him a priority.

Edwards has been tendered at the first-round level, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

He'll get a one-year contract worth $2.521 million, up from $1.01 million in 2009.


Matt Moore QB (Panthers) Sorry Vick, Moore's a keeper.

If money talks, Carolina just declared loud and clear how they feel about Matt Moore.

The Charlotte Observer reports the Panthers placed a first- and third-round tender on the restricted free agent, ensuring that he's not going anywhere.  Moore will make $3.043 million, quite a bump for the undrafted player.

The fact that Carolina didn't want to risk some team sniffing around Moore for a first-round pick says he's got a good chance to open next season as a starter.  After that, who knows?

This qualifies as bad news for any quarterback that likes the Panthers uniforms.

Haha, gotta love that reference to Vick.

Harvey Dahl G/ Tyson Clabo T/ Jerious Norwood RB (All Falcons) Outstanding right side of the O-line. 

Clabo, Norwood and Dahl all have four accrued NFL seasons and received first round tenders. With the first round tender their salary for 2010 will be $2.521 million or 110 percent of their 2009 salary, whichever is greater.


Danieal Manning FS/ Nick Roach LB (Both Bears) Manning is a fantastic option for the Eagles. 

Is a guy who can play free safety, strong safety, nickelback, cornerback and return kickoffs at a Pro Bowl level worth a third-round pick? 

Any team in need of safety help this offseason -- Cowboys, Falcons, Giants, Vikings, etc -- might be tempted to consider adding Danieal Manning to their roster after the Bears officially placed the low-level tender on their former second-round selection. 

If another team were to make an offer to Manning, it would be a win-win situation for both parties involved. For Manning, it would hopefully give him an opportunity to play in a more stable environment, where he's not getting jerked around non-stop by the coaching staff. For the Bears -- who clearly don't want Manning back -- it would give them a fairly high choice in a very deep draft. 

As for the other tender levels, most were no-brainers, especially placing a second-round tender on linebacker Nick Roach.



Antoine Bethea FS (Colts) "Hands off people!" the Colts say. 

The Indianapolis Colts have placed the first-round tender on Antoine Bethea, indicating that the safety who started all 16 games last season won't be going anywhere.

Another team could sign Bethea to an offer sheet, but if the Colts declined to match an offer within seven days they'd get back the team's first-round draft pick. Bethea was selected to the Pro Bowl, but it seems unlikely that another team would be willing to give up a first-round pick to get him.


Jason Campbell QB (Redskins) Poor Campbell, stuck on a team that don't really want him.

The Washington Redskins have placed the first-round tender on quarterback Jason Campbell, Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting.

The decision of new Redskins coach Mike Shanahan to put the first-round tender, rather than the first- and third-round tender, indicates that he's open to moving on without the quarterback the Redskins chose in the first round of the 2005 draft. 



Rocky Mcintosh LB (Redskins) Outstanding linebacker. Definitely worth taking a look at.

The realities of the uncapped season is starting to hit home for players like Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that McIntosh was given the second-round tender as a restricted free agent.  That should be worth $1.759 million. As a former player rep and four-year veteran, McIntosh understands his bad timing.  

McIntosh is also suddenly stuck in a 3-4 defense that may not suit his skills.  That partly explains Washington's hesitance to give him a longer deal.  

"If you don't want me . . . you don't want to give me anything that's close to fair, just let me go," McIntosh told Reid.  "Let me start over somewhere else."


Tarvaris Jackson QB (Vikings) Still no interest in Mcnabb from the Vikes. 

If Brett Favre retires, Tarvaris Jackson would be the favorite to start at quarterback for the Vikings in 2010.

But if another team wants to take Jackson from the Vikings, it would require nothing more than a contract offer with a poison pill, combined with a third-round draft pick.

Jackson is set to become a restricted free agent, and NFL Network reports that the Vikings tendered him at the third-round level. If another team signs Jackson to an offer sheet, the Vikings would have seven days to match the offer or get that team's third-round pick.

UPDATE: After several readers raised questions about this item, we need to clarify. Jackson was tendered at the original-round level, and he was a second-round draft pick. But because the Vikings used a second-round tender on Fred Evans, they cannot receive second-round compensation for Jackson. If another team signs Jackson to an offer sheet and the Vikings don't match the offer, the Vikings will get that team's third-round pick.


Okay, two more for now. Getting kinda irritated from all this copy, pasting, and block quoting.

Demeco Ryans LB/ Owen Daniels TE/ Bernard Pollard S (All Texans) Huge ones here...


The Houston Texans assigned the high tender to restricted free agent linebacker DeMeco Ryans and tight end Owen Daniels.

Both received the first-round and third-round tender of $3.168 million, according to the Houston Chronicle. Per the report, starting safety Bernard Pollard got the first-round tender of $2.521 million.



Leon Washington RB/ Return Specialist(Jets) Dangerous all-purpose player. 


The New York Jets have placed the second-round tender on Leon Washington, making him a potentially attractive target for any team looking to add a young and talented running back.

With Thomas Jones on the way out, some might have expected the Jets to put a first-round tender on Washington. But the Jets are apparently heading into 2010 with a mindset that Shonn Greene is their featured running back, and that means any team that wants Washington would have to give up only a second-round pick if they sign him to an offer sheet that the Jets don't match.

Washington's agent, Alvin Keels, indicated on Twitter that he thinks there's a good chance that Washington will sign on elsewhere, tweeting that Washington's "return to the Jets will be 50/50 at best at this point."

Keels also tweeted that Washington is ahead of schedule in recovering from the fractured fibula and tibia he suffered last season.



Other News...

Michael Lombardi reported on NFL Network that the Cardinals only want a third round pick for Boldin. Of course, it's a 3rd round pick PLUS a huge new contract but I think some team will jump on that. 

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune says that Antrel Rolle is expecting a deal around $8 mil per year. Although, he is a good player, that is WAY too high for him. That's more than Adrian Wilson, Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed.

Pat Yasinkas of ESPN reported that the Panthers offered Peppers a long term deal for around $14 mil per year but Peppers turned it down. Boy, he either really hates Carolina and wants a change of scenery or is looking for a ridiculous Haynesworth-like deal. I still want him bad and I doubt he will get something higher than $15 mil per year and $30 mil guaranteed. 

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