Dear Philadelphia Eagles, I'm sick of waiting.

Hello all, this is my first post here. But I've been keeping an eye on this blog for a while so I've finally decided to share my thoughts and I felt I needed to get this off my chest. I'm sick of waiting for this team to bring home a championship. They've had so many opportunities and they've blown it every single time. This is the story of a long suffering Eagles fan since 1995.

So let's be honest, the days before Reid and McNabb: An era of mediocrity that I am happy we've moved on from and never want to go back to. However, despite all the talent we've had over this era , we have little to show for it with no Super Bowl rings for any of them. Why? The New Orleans Saints have finally won a Super Bowl even though they had the phrase "Why Not Us?" So yeah... Why Not Us? I'm sick of listening to those Cowboy fans boasting about their 5 Super Bowl rings. I'd like just one ring but the Eagles have failed to deliver year after year. Let's recap those 4 NFC Championship and 1 Super Bowl failures.

2002 NFC Championship: Lost to Rams 29-24.  Wasn't that bad. Was impressive they even got this far.

2003 NFC Championship: Lost to Bucs 27-10. Absolutely horrendous day for me. We were heavy favorites. Last game at the Vet.. Oakland was going to the Super Bowl, the team that had beaten us in the Super Bowl so many years ago.  It's destiny, right? Wrong. The Eagles just look out of sync the entire game and Ronde Barber's interception is still one of the worst moments I've ever experienced as an Eagles fan. I still remember the cries of despair in the crowd. Just dreadful Eagles. Dreadful.

2004 NFC Championship: Lost to Panthers 14-3. Panthers were never called for some of the holding on our receivers and the defender (forget his name) was never called for such a blatant late hit on McNabb. It was so deliberate.  A badly thrown Jake Delhomme somehow goes for a touchdown against the Eagles double coverage and the second touchdown which gave the Panthers the lead. Even Chris Collinsworth called out the horrendous tackling: "That's just a pathetic attempt by the Eagles." Hey, let's be honest. He was right.

2005 Super Bowl: Freddie Mitchell after having a good playoff run decides it would be a great idea to badmouth th Patriots. Guess who has a great game? Rodney Harrison. What does Freddie Mitchell do all game? One catch for 10 yards. Thank you "FedEx" Freddie.

2008 NFC Championship: After a horrendous first half showing, it seemed like it was typical Eagles bull all over again. Then again from the ashes of defeat, the Eagles rose back from defeat to take the lead. A miracle?! Miracles don't happen to the Eagles! Well, as was seen. Miracles don't happen to the Eagles. Our fierce D which had carried us through the playoffs suddenly gets cold and gives up the winning touchdown showing while our offense fails in the clutch. Our defense tends to get just as bad in the clutch.

Yeah. Aside from that, let's also take note of the Eagles failure to take advantage when the opportunity was available to get a firm grip on the NFC East.

The Giants had lost to the Saints and were now 5-1. The Cowboys were lucky to be 3-2 having barely beaten the lowly Chiefs. Against a lowly Raiders team. Easy, Eagles win. Have one game over the Cowboys and own a piece of first place on the Giants. NOPE. Eagles play down to their competition and lose embarrassingly 13-9 to JaMarcus Russell of all quarterbacks one the only teams to hold that horrible distinction. Ugh.

Eagles play Cowboys and lose 20-16 and Dallas takes first place in the NFC East. The Cowboys were playing horribly most of the game and the Eagles had plenty of opportunities to put the game away but threw it away with dumb penalities, horrible calls and Andy Reid being typical Andy Reid in wasting timeouts and going for a field goal when we should've tried to tie it.

And of course, the last game of the regular season. We win, we get the #2 seed and first round bye because the Vikings lost several games in the month. But... NOPE. They lose 24-0. I'm sorry but when you have the opportunity for a first round bye. You simply DO NOT go out and play like that. But it's typical of the Eagles to do so. I mean, it's nothing new. Remember when the Eagles lost 10-3 against the Redskins when Tampa Bay lost and the Eagles would've gotten a good position to get into the playoffs and yet by some divine miracle they did so anyway. But wait as I said miracles don't happen to the Eagles. They didn't win the Super Bowl and that's what matters in the end.

So... next season and the seasons to come. I'm sure it'll be the same deal regardless of who's quaterback. Just when we start thinking that they're the real deal, when they get a good position to win the NFC East or a first round bye or homefield advantage, they'll proceed to go out and play like those last two games against Dallas and reveal themselves as the pretenders they really are. Our front office refuses to acknowledge our flaws. Despite our needs at defense and linebackers, Andy Reid will boast that they have the best roster in the NFL even though he has zero titles under his belt which serves to contradict his claims. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles lose to the Lions next year simply because Andy Reid calls nothing but pass plays against a bad run defense as he did against Oakland. I'm sure that just as we're thinking that he's learning from his mistakes he'll proceed to revert back to his pass 90% of the time ways.

Sorry to begin my first post on such a negative note, but I really needed to let this out. Donovan McNabb is the third winningest QB this decase behind only Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. The Eagles have been one of the most successful teams this decade aside from the Patriots, Colts, Steelers and Chargers. That's all said and good, but the fact is that aside from the Chargers, those teams have Super Bowl rings. All the Eagles have is heartbreaking losses.

I'm sick of waiting Philadelphia Eagles. I want a Super Bowl and after seeing that Dallas game where you showed no heart, no soul, no effort. I'm convinced you won't ever win one. Thank you for continually disappointing me and your many fans year after year after year and I look forward to you continuing to do so for the near future.

Thank you for listening.

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