Madden 10 - Two Worst teams possible, see who wins.

Me and my roommate are huge Birds fans living in Arizona. We were there for the NFC Champ in AZ last year, watch every game, etc.


So we're playing madden 10 and we have the strict rule that neither of us is allowed to be the Eagles while playing each other since it's not fair...Well we are picking random teams, press the LT (Xbox 360) to randomize it three times and guess who we get? Cowgirls vs Ginas. Now, my buddy was all about doing it again because how could one play with such faggotry, even in a video game? I tell him "No, it was given to us by the madden gods, we must see to it that this game ends in ten picks each and a tie."

How does BGN feel about this?


Update1: We realize we have the same color jerseys (pink)..oh well it doesn't matter if we complete passes.

Update2: Quotes: "I know I haven't bathed yet today, but I'm really going to need a shower after this." and "Hey, according to McNabb, a game can't end in a tie."

Tony Romo Pick #1, 3:23 left in the 1st.

End of 1st Quarter score: Cowgirls 7  - Ginas 7

Update3: Halftime score: Cowgirls 14 - Ginas 14 (we're both really trying).

Update4: Quotes: "If I don't sack tony romo in this game I'm going to shoot somebody" (After hitting him 6-9 times on screen plays).

Update 5: End of 3rd Quarter: Cowgirls 14 - Ginas 17.

Play of the game: I'm going to the bathroom and my buddy is picking his play on offense, there is no scoreboard or clock at the bottom and I ask "Why isn't there a timer for you?" and he goes "I don't know, I was just lookin aroud the plays."...Whistle blows and he gets a delay of game.

Update 6: Ginas were down 4 (21-17) but poised to score with 2minutes left, first down inside the 5 was called back because of a holding penalty, turnover on downs...One minute later, Barber fumbles for the cowgirls inside the 10, Ginas start their last minute drive.

Update7: Ginas quick touchdown pass (Cowgirls 21 Ginas 24)...The cowgirls are squiriming in their panties. Ensuing kickoff with 20 seconds left is run back to the Ginas 40. (Seriously what the fuck is up with that bullshit? My flipping guy bounced to his blocker instead of tackling him at the twenty, got lucky and got him at the 40.) One completion and a three rushed plays leads to a field goal and overtime!

Update8: Cowboys sustain a decent drive but it stalls at the Ginas 45. Cowgirls gets a lucky punt and puts it in the 2. (5:20 left in OT)

Update9: 3rd and 1 for the Ginas, Jacobs fumbles it..after loud yelling, screaming and general debauchery during the fight for the fumble screen, Ginas come up with the ball and a 1st down to keep the drive alive on their own 27. (4:20 left in OT)

Update10: 1:27 left in OT. This being a madden game, the Ginas, on the Cowgirls 27, decide to go for it on 4th and 4. Why you ask? BECAUSE I FUCKING CAN.

Update11: 1st down. We decide that fieldgoals aren't allowed anyway.

Update12: Sheli throws a touchdown to Boss, game.

Cowgirls blame the game on the fact that his select button didn't work and wouldn't let him call a timeout on one play.

Final Verdict: This was the WORST game of madden I've ever played, It came down to the last 30 seconds and these two teams are as bad in the game as they are in real life.

Cowgirls 24 (299yds passing, 122 Rushing) - Ginas 30 (297yds passing, 90 rushing)

Was this really that bad for a first post on BGN?

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