Source: Eagles Have Made Contract Offer To Kevin Kolb



Yesterday,  I learned from an NFL source that the Philadelphia Eagles have made a contract extension offer to fourth-year quarterback Kevin Kolb.

The Eagles had no comment when I contacted them.  They didn't refute or acknowledge any offer made to Kolb.

I made a number of calls to Kolb's Houston-based agent Jeff Nalley but didn't get a response.

The Eagles have a log jam at their quarterback position with Kolb, Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick all under contract for another year.  It puts them in a strong negotiating position with the young signal caller.

The move could mean a number of things.

The move could reveal that they want Kolb here as their starter.  The fact that they were willing to make the move toward Kolb while knowing that the revelation of the offer could lower McNabb and Vick's value around the league, says something.

The negotiations aren’t normally executed by Andy Reid’s side of the front office and that could reveal something. Negotiations are done by team president Joe Banner and his assistants.

The Eagles may be divided about who they want to be their quarterback.  On the other hand the initiation of the move to sign Kolb may be a move made by a united front office.

I don't know whether Reid is on board with or aware of the move or not.

Kolb I learned that someone in the Eagles front office had communicated to Kolb more than a year ago that he was going to take over as the starting quarterback in a year or so.

The young quarterback who is headed into his fourth season has let it be known that he thinks he's ready to start and was impressive when he got his chance last season.

It's a tough negotiating position for Kolb because he wants to play now and he'd like it to be for the Eagles.  He doesn't have a long, impressive resume as of yet, so he can't demand the world from the Eagles.

The Birds have been accused of a lot of things, but being bad businessmen isn't one of them.  They know they can get Kolb for less, if they work out a deal with him while they have McNabb and Vick on the roster.

They also know that they can pressure Kolb by telling him and his agent, that they would have to consider trading him if they couldn't get him under contract for some "reasonable" numbers.

The Eagles might also be eager to get Kolb under contract before Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees work out new deals with their respective teams.   You know their big contracts are going to open the door to more money for young quarterbacks like Kolb.

You could also ask the question of whether the Eagles would work out a contract extension with Kolb before trading him?

You could reason that they could be working out an extension with Kolb to make him more attractive to would be suitors, but I don't think that's the case.

All I can say is stay tuned.

This should be something to talk about.

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