Jackson Shines in Losing Effort as NFC Falls in Explosive Pro-Bowl



And the critics were saying this year’s Pro-Bowl was not going to work. After taking heat the past few weeks for a large amount of alternates and replacement players being named to the all-star rosters, kicking a player off the NFC team for practice attendance issues, and suffering more criticism for having the game before the Super Bowl and not in its typical location of Hawaii, the league definitely delivered a show to the fans tonight in the form of the annual game of the NFL’s best stars.

The final score was 41 to 34, which combined for a total of 75 points (which is actually very impressive, seeing that the all-time Pro-Bowl record of combined points is 107). The AFC conference came out on top, thanks to a late defensive turnover and solid offensive performances from Houston QB Matt Schaub, Chargers’ WR Vincent Jackson, and David Garrard of Jacksonville. Meanwhile, the NFC team, which was obviously the side of the Eagles, managed to have success on the offensive side of the ball, but played awfully inconsistent on defense.

Although the NFC (which was represented in part by Philadelphia) fell in defeat, the game was certainly enjoyable and–to the happiness of some Eagle fanatics–the loss could be partially be blamed on rival Dallas QB Tony Romo, who tossed a crucial interception late in the contest. As for the Eagles who took part in this year’s Pro-Bowl, WR DeSean Jackson (pictured, #10) had to be the highlight of them all, for he was likely considered for the game’s MVP award after recording 6 catches, 106 yards and a pair of touchdowns. The other Eagles and their performances (including Jackson’s) are listed below:

Donovan McNabb (QB): 3-10, 78 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. 4 rush, 26 yards.
Leonard Weaver (FB): 1 tackle (special teams), blocking: 3 sacks allowed (team total)
DeSean Jackson (WR): 
6 receptions, 106 yards, 2 TD. 1 punt return, 8 yards.
Jason Peters (OT): blocking: 3 sacks allowed (team total)
Trent Cole (DE): 1 tackle
Asante Samuel (CB): 1 interception, 1 pass deflection
Quintin Mikell (SS): 3 tackles
David Akers (K): 2/2 field goal (long of 47 yards), 4/4 extra point
Jon Dorenbos (LS): special teams long-snapping [no statistics]

Overall, it was a great game for both the Eagles and the rest of the all-star players in the game. With only one more game of NFL football this season (the biggest of them all, the Super Bowl), it was definitely good if you were able to watch tonight’s matchup, for the offseason is long and dry until August, when games begin again.

(picture source)

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