Will Eagles ever win it all with Reid as head coach ?

I love the eagles. I have for the last two decades. Every year it seems under the Reid era we have one of these terrible losses that comes back to haunt us.  Last nights game WAS that loss. The eagles in all likelyhood would have gotten the number two seed if they could have just beaten 2 teams with their 3rd string quarterbacks. 
Poor preparation, poor adjustments, inexplicable pass to run ratio(80/20 ???) lost that game for us.

The eagles on the offensive side of the ball have elite talent. Good enough to score points on ANYONE.  They COULD have run the ball if the plays were called, they COULD have max protected Vick and let the receivers make plays---did they ?


Vikings blitzed almost every play it seems and Reid didnt adjust.  Vick is great--but no QB can win in that situation except maybe Peyton Manning. And Vick isnt as good as manning and he never will be(no one else is either as Manning is arguably the greatest QB of all time) 

The only reason we are not 6-10 is because of Michael Vick. We have won DESPITE Reids shitty coaching, his poor clock management and his inexcusable reliance on the pass against better judgment. Lets be honest--we should have lost the Giants game. Vick was superman in that game(as Donovan has been many games in the reid era) but with more logical coaching we wouldnt have needed that.  This is the NFL and teams can gameplan to stop the pass, ANY team---its up to the Eagles coaching staff to adjust on the fly.  They cant do it, we have seen it time and time again.  We consistently see the Eagles year after year get beat by inferior teams in key spots.  All the NFC championship games we were favored except for the Rams.  Some of those losses were Mcnabb but if we werent  passing on every down he would have maybe had a better chance to make some plays.     

Its not like the Eagles CANT run the ball--remember the Dallas game ? Say what you wil but Dallas has some pretty damn good defensive personnel and the Eagles ran the ball 9 straight times when the cowboys were EXPECTING it and they could not stop them.  

But Reid wants to win it HIS way by passing every down.   Seems to me hes just too stupid  to think on the fly and adjust. Or for that matter pay close attenetion to the game and throw a challenge flag when it should be thrown(2 fumbles in the Giants game that would have been reversed)

Unless Vick can pull off a miracle, we are in for another dissapointing off season.
Getting rid of Mcnabb was indeed the right move. The coaching staff should be next. 

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