A rant from a mad fan

     I don't even know where to begin. I thought waiting until I had time to clear my head would help me put things in perspective, but alas 8 plus hours later I am still pissed as hell. That team last night won't beat one playoff team in the postseason and that includes the Rams or Seahawks. If that teams plays again, we might as well start looking forward to the offseason activities. I guess I should start with the most disappointing player and work my way down.

DeSean Jackson- What the hell were you doing last night? You ran that first deep route and Vick overthrew you. Then you dropped that screen pass. All mistakes that happen but afterwards you just half assed it. You ran routes at half speed, jogging really. You ran them sloppily and you just gave up! Who the fuck are you? You do not give up ever. You have all the talent in the world but I woulda made you eat bench all night if I was the coach. You make the best case for human genome splicing because I want to take your talent and put it into the body of a man with heart. A man who will try his damndest everytime. If this is about your contract, then fuck you! You are still making more then 70 percent of the people who came to watch you play last night. People who spent their money to pay your "meager" salary. They deserved better and the team deserved better. Get over yourself and come to fucking play or just sit your ass at home!

Coaching staff- They ran the same blitz 6 times last night. 6 fucking times, and you didn't contain it once. You didn't adjust the protection once and it led to a QB running for his life all night. What the fuck do you think is gonna happen when we face Matthews again? Hell the entire GB defense, who is better at the moment? Get this shit out of your system.

O Line- Really guys? Taking a nap? I know the Vikings have a good defensive line, but they don't have that good of a defensive line. Not this year. How about you actually try blocking your guys. And who the hell leaves Jared Allen unblocked ever? I don't care if he stunts or drops back in coverage. Get a man on him and put him in the turf. He is that good, but not making a concerted effort to eliminate him in any way makes him that much better.

The Whole fucking defense!!!!- What the hell? Why is a guy who was drafted as a WR made to look like a veteran QB? No damn real pressure and when you did get some on him, you let him get out. You play Vick in practice! Was this guy that much slippier then Vick? Dimitri, I had faith but guess what? Gone and gone. We are now seeing why you were the 4th guy. You can't cover shit consistently. I ain't talking about your pass interference call where I think you just had great coverage that got beat by a perfect throw, but the rest of the night... owned by everyone. You sucked so bad they replaced you with Joselio Hanson so that should tell you something.  D Line. They were missing their best lineman and still we didn't stop Peterson or make Webb shit himself. Poor performance.

Vick- I understand you got hurt on the first series, but did that translate to a completely noneffective game? It didn't seem to bother you on that first TD throw. 2 picks and it should have been 5 or 6 if not for the stone hands of the Vikings DB's. Barring all my personal issues with you, I still need you to have a good game to get my team a win. The pressure didn't help, the injury didn't help, but you played a lot worse then either of those things should have affected you. Figure it out.

Celek- Decent night, but it should  have been 11 or 12 catches instead of 8 or 9. If the ball hits your hands, please hang on.

McCoy- i thought I was gonna have to tear you a new one after it looked like you wanted to dance all night but you came through with a decent performance and did some good things with the opportunities you had so just keep it up.

Look I know it's not the end, but this game was atrocious on all fronts. It will be the end if we play like this again against much stronger teams. We already had our let down game (Ten) and we have now cost ourselves the chance at a first round bye. I don't expect any of the starters to play next week and if they do it is a terrible decision by Reid. Rest these guys up now and lets get our minds right for GB.

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