A rant by one wild_eagle.

I'm pissed about this game.. so I'm going to write, there will be no formatting, no rhyme or reason, just what I think.. Dont like that it's one big ass paragraph?? I dont really give a shit.

What the hell was that? We're supposed to be Super Bowl contenders and we can only put up 14 points? That's shit, complete shit, absolute fucking shit. Our Defense was awful, Cheney was victimized on a number of occasions, Dimitri Patterson played ok, but slowly took a turn towards get-the-fuck-off-the-field town, you're telling me you pass interference and still allow the catch? Fuck you Dimitri, I seriously thought you could be a good player here for years to come, apparently you're just a guy who's going to be an adequate starter who will half of the time save himself from criticism by getting a pick in a game, or having a decent game. Put in Lindley, whenever he's in I don't see him making many dumb mistakes, and if I had the choice at this point I'd rather have Lindley in there making the mistakes because unlike Patterson he is an unknown quantity. Lindley has a high ceiling, and needs experience, Patterson has reached his peak, he will get no better, allow Lindley to learn from the mistakes instead of a guy who wont.

Our LB's were alright but I'm tired of one stellar week followed by a bad one.. We need consistancy, and the only guy there who provided that is Fokou. Atleast he's a solid building block for our LB corps of the future, he's got the ability to be a household name if he continues putting it all together.

DB's? More like the Kurt Coleman show.. It's fucking sad that a 7th round rookie is the best player on the field for our Defense backfield. Pathetic.. Without him we would've lost by 2-3 more touchdowns easily.. Coleman is the only standout in a pile of shit we called a defensive performance. Now this isn't fair to Mikel or Asante, they both pulled their weight, but the RCB position is shit, Hanson playing there means pretty much we need an 11th body on the field, Patterson there means you can pretty much flip a coin about how he's going to play, Lindley we don't know about I personally see nothing bad when he's out there.. But Coleman was by far our best defensive player, and that's sad when we have a probowl CB, a probowl quality SS who's been here for years, and a CB who has started since Hobbs got hurt and has been around for a while.. Shit. 

Our offensive line really fucked a duck on this one.. Peters got destroyed, Allen made him his bitch, we literally had to change our gameplan and have Allen run free for a second and have Peters just stand in his way so Vick could run away and try to get away from all the shit that was going on in the pocket.. Herremans jumped once or twice, he had a few good blocks in the screen game, but overall he didn't do anything to help us that much. McGlynn really got an education from the Williams Wall, and Justice had his hands full. And Max Jean-Gilles, dont even get me started on that sack of worthless weight, all he has to do is get his fat ass between somebody and the ball and he even fails at that, at this point I'm just happy when he only gets blown back 3 yards.... The Giants are licking their chops right now.

Desean Jackson.. prepare to get pissed guys.. What the fuck was he even doing on the field tonight? I saw a good 3-4 times where he was running a route at 1/2 speed if even that, there were a few times when he was hit in the hands and dropped it. Bad effort if you ask me. I respect that he's a damn good player, one of the best but he did display some poor effort in this one.

Now the playcalling... What were you all thinking? Let's pass 1000 times, none of our players were really being effective aside from McCoy. Why not give McCoy the only guy who seems to be going at full speed the ball? I didnt see him really get the ball after that big ass screen play he had... Against the Cowboys we ran to the Left side over and over and over again, why couldnt we do that? He was getting decent gains why not give him the Ball.. Also why not get Celek more involved, he was actually doing something today..

And putting Clay Harbour on Jarrad Allen is the dumbest fucking thing ever, a rookie pass catching TE who probably couldn't even cock block somebody is supposed to stop Allen? Nice job Coaches.


Again I'm pissed.. As you all know I like Pattterson, I like Desean, I like all of the players aside from a few... But honestly the lack of effort or the lethargy we showed out there pissed me off... I'll probably change my toon after I sleep on this.

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