Your Fantasy Football 411

Good Afternoon BGN,

     Let me start off by saying I don't play Fantasy Football ... or fantasy baseball. That being said I seem to have a knack at looking at a match up and seeing who's going to have a big day. Just as an example I called Ray Rice having a huge day vs the Saints (Watching what happened in the 4th quarter in the Balt vs Hustgame told me that they wanted to max TOP. Seeing that the Saint's D is built to play with a lead almost like Indy's told me that Balt was going to play keep away).

     I'm in the military and have made 1st platoon a ton of money(we play vs the other companys being an officer I can't bet just give advice).Just tell me your players per position, who they are matched up against and I will give you the best shot at winning. Also if you are in a football poll I will be posting my picks (I've won the poll between the officers 7 times this year and have taken it the last 2 weeks about to make it 3).


      Ok lets get down to the Picks:

Pit wins easy

Dal over Ari again another easy pick.

NE over Buf see how good I am.

NYJ over Chi This is a pick em game however with Rex in the spot lite I think the team will rally around him and put it all to rest.

Blt over Cle This will be closer than people think.

Jac over Wsh I think this could go either way and if McNabb starts I pick Washington however, Sexy Rexy will let the Jags win

KC over Ten Easy you don't bet on bad teams and bet against good teams

Det over Mia I like what they are doing in Detroit add in the fact that if they score another 14 points they could have 8 more wins this is a good football team that just hasn't learned how the big game yet... luckily for them this isn't a big game.

Slt over SF However remember what I said about KC and Ten you don't bet on bad football teams these are both bad teams and neither one of them is good enough to overcome a mistake or 2.

SD over Cin Anyone who Picks the bungles should commit themselves now.

Den over Hou Dawkins in the 2ndary meens that they know Shuab can only throw it 30 yards down field before it becomes a lame duck / jump ball = Dawk layin someone out. I also like what Tebo has done this year.. is he a starter no .. NO ... NONONO.. but, he will pick up a 1st down here and there that Denver shouldn't get and that will win them the game.

Oak over Indy I know I crazy but history tells us that there will be 1 upset every week and if you can't pick em you  won't win your poll. Manning vs Oak 2ndary without AC = a bad day for Payton. Also the Indy D is built to play with the lead and they won't have it. Call me what you want but I think Oak wins this by 2 scores.

GB over NYG The game everyone here will be watching. Giants are done you don't recover from last week's (I'm not sure what to call it) "game". GB played NE tough and I would venture to say that GB knows it's "win or go home" that tells me that they will come to play. I also don't like the "Fake" Manning going up against GB's pash rush & 2ndary.

TB over Sea remember my "Fantasy 411" start Blount young team knows that they need a win to keep the season alive for another week. They feed the best player they have on offence and he gives them a big day. Also I would start any RB vs Sea.

Phi over Min Jackson and Maclin have big days. Lito is past his prime and everyone on D has watched the game where Vick lead the birds to 28 points in the final 7:30 vs the Giants and they will come out gunshy allowing the deep ball to get them in a big first 1/2 hole. Kolb should be playing the 4th quarter cause Philly will have a huge lead.

ATL over NO If i'm in LV I don't touch this game. (I sound like a broken record) You don't bet against good teams. This is a good team matchup. My thoughts are Breeze got his asswhooped last week and Atl's pass rush has 8 sacks in the last 3 games... they get another 3 and Breeze turns the ball over just enough to keep them from winning.

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