So I do not normally look ahead to the next year, buuuut

I am struggling not to become an overconfident dick of a fan and ruin the good Karma we have for now.. So I've been dwelling about what could be next year.. And one thing that really excites me is our Secondary...

This year the Secondary (specifically RCB) has been weak spot, however Patterson has come in and help shut some good players down but then give up some easy easy plays to opponents. He's got alot of promise and I think we need to stick with him. But our Secondary has really been up and down but they pull through when we need them.

The Depth will be CRAZY!!!!

We'll probably have Mikel starting, Nate Allen starting, Asante Starting and Patterson starting.. That's what I'm going to assume as of this time based on what is going on this year. But the depth is where I'm really getting excited...

Coleman- Coleman is a guy who's come in as a 7th round rookie and really excited everyone, something about him just screams "Coleman is going to be successful" and really his constant ability to get to the football and to make a good play is what I like about him. By far not the biggest guy, by far not the fastest, strongest, hardest hitting man we could put back there but he's a damn good football player and he's highly intelligent. I missed where Allen got hurt Sunday and honestly didn't notice or know until 2-3 hours after the game when I came on here to do some Eagles-are-the-best chest pounding.. And his ability to play SS and FS really gives us alot of flexibility.

Lindley- I like Lindley alot if you all cannot tell, and some of you have come to my side on this guy. He's got alot of upside, he shut down some of the best WR's in the SEC and he really has some shut down qualities about him, now he's a rookie, he's raw, he needs to be the one to put the work in and bring it all together. But in the games he's played in he's made some good plays (my favorite happens to be that screen play he busted up against the Cowboys). Him with a year of experience and an offseason to get bigger, stronger and faster really helps us and his career.

Hanson- Hanson is a joke. I hate when he covers WR's because it's a completion waiting to happen, he doesnt have the speed to keep up with WR's and he doesnt have the strength to jam him. He's barely good enough to cover a low end slot WR. 

Hobbs- Now you all know I hate Hobbs at RCB, especially as the starter. However as a guy who can come in when somebody gets hurt and give us 1-2 games of solid-decent play I like him. He's not a starter, he's a good backup at best and I think we'll keep him (should he not retire) and allow him to play when somebody goes down.

Marlin Jackson- Yeah you forgot about this guy didn't you?? Marlin has been plagued by injures and has now been out of football for 2-3 years. However being a first round pick and seeing alot of him when he played for the Colts I really think if he comes back healthy he'd be a valuable contributer on this defense. He's 6ft, 196lb's and can play both CB and S for us.. The big question with him is if he can become and remain healthy..

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