wild_eagle's take on the game...

First off let me say SWEEEEEPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Secondly let me say... SSSSSSSSWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game was a tough one, he's my good and bad from this game.

The Good:

Chaney- Honestly I felt like Chaney did a good job given the circumstances, he flew around to the ball, he was hitting, he seemed to do pretty well in coverage (macjack if you're out there please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) but he was taking care of business in the middle.. He had 12 tackles and 4 assists, which is monstrous, and a Forced Fumble... Not bad for a 7th round rookie in his first start.

Fokou- I think Fokou made a statement on that sack, and it was "I am Fokou, and we ain't backing off till we see the Manning-face bitch" and he was all over the place today and just hit after hit kept going, really showed why I loved him throughout this offseason. He was second in tackles with 6 and 1 assist, and he also had the sack. Not bad, he also didnt to to bad in coverage.

Coleman- I always love watching this kid play to be honest, he's always giving 1000% effort and always is hitting people and I think he's got a magnet stuck in his head that guides him to the ball. He had 4 tackles in some decent time playing and looked pretty good in coverage.

OL- Did much much better this time around, were not perfect by any means but they opened holes for McCoy, kept Vick safe for the most part and by god I love watching Herremans and McGlynn in the screen game and in space because they fuck some people up and the joy in their faces is something I'd compare to the Manning-face joy we get... The OL gave up some sacks however when it mattered they produced.

Desean- That punt return.. enough said.

Maclin- 7 catches for 59 yards and 2 TD's.. That's a good day in my book, considering everything that happened.


The Bad :(   :

DL- Our DL played well by normal standards, however by Eagles standards it was a below average showing aside from a few flashes here and there. I honestly feel like our DL could've done more to help out our Secondary.

Nate Allen (injury not play)- Nate Allen being gone for the year sucks, he's got alot of upside and should be back fairly quickly and will be ready to roll next year, right now he just needs to take time to heal and get himself right.

Digging ourselves into a hole we luckily got out of- 28 pts in 8 mins is amazing, however we shouldn't have to do that. If we can put 28 pts on a Giants Defense in 8 fucking minutes we should be hanging 40-50 points on everybody.. We need to keep digging ourselves into these holes, we need to quit having to come back from behind.



  • Losing Nate Allen honestly doesn't worry me. I missed the part where Allen got hurt, didn't realize he didnt finish the game and read online later he was done for the season. This means Coleman filled in for him and didnt get his name called in a negative light.. Losing Allen hurts, however it's not as bad as it is going to be portrayed in the next few days.
  • Dimitri Patterson really needs to play better down the stretch and in the Playoffs. He's really been fantastic at times and then he'll do some dumb stuff that leaves me questioning him. I like him as a player, he's got the upside, he's got the ability, he needs to bring it all together.
  • Asante being back made our D look so much better.
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