Lets talk about some things we need to work on

There's so much hype around this team you would think we were undefeated. I think with the schedule we have, and the injuries we've had we're definitely a top 5 team, arguably 3. But there are a couple things we can talk about here.


Winston Justice - He improved his game play by a lot but he got smoked by Justin Tuck, even with some help. No doubt Julius Peppers is going to line up against Justice this weekend. Justice is going to have to play better.

Joselio Hanson - Is he playing the nickel CB position now? He hasn't played well, and he's definitely a weak link. It'd be nice if Lindley or another CB could step up their game and do well.

Bradley - Remember when I got trashed in the beginning of the year for calling him good? I think hes still a pro bowl player but hes still not 100% back from the knee injury. Plays the run really well but no doubt he can get beat in coverage yet. Although, even Collinsworth noted he was getting better and better each week -- I agree.

O-line - We have to run block a little better. Giants are good against the run, but the Colts aren't and it seems lately we havent been able to get a consistent running threat going. It would be nice to see that against a good Chicago team.

Was DeSean Jackson dinged up last Sunday? He was really quiet, and it didnt even look like VIck targeted him much.By the way, lets pay the kid once the league figures out the CBA - he makes this offense SO DYNAMIC.

Which leads me to....

Maclin - I think the Maclin hype is a bit too premature. He's got the stats, but let's be honest, defenses are concerned bout #10, not Maclin. He's shown good hands, good speed, and from what I can tell good routes. However, I'm still waiting for the game where Maclin breaks out... You know, where he completely dominates and looks unstoppable. To me he has just shown he can take advantage of all the scheming being done against Jackson. I wonder if he'll have that break out 3rd season WRs tend to have next year.


Also, hats off to our coaching staff. Our schemes have been VERY sound, and before the season started I would estimate 40% of the board or so thought Andy needed to go. I think McDermott who has taken a lot of heat (including myself) has done himself a nice job so far.

And this FO is just phenomenal. I love Dawk but it was absolutely the right decision to get rid of him when Denver offered the huge contract -- most fans would've disagreed. I thought losing Sheldon was going to be killer but we're doing just fine and to be honest, I don't think Brown isn't performing amazing in CLE, but I haven't watched too much of him either... And I would say the board was 50/50 on whether McNabb should go or leave, but I think both Kolb and Vick have outperformed McNabb by a mile this year talent or no talent. We just know when to hold and and when to fold them when it comes to players. It's crazy that we've been competitive for most of the decade, heck it's T-giving and I'm thankful as hell for that.

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