Ok, I'm really starting to become annoyed...

Ok, this is going to be a little bit of a rant so bare with me.

Things that have been really annoying me lately are these

(1) Everybody freaking out about Ellis Hobbs going down and now we don't have a Kick Returner. 

Ok people Jorrick Calvin scares you as a kick returner huh? Not me, he has 13 returns for 287 yards and average of 22.1 per return, his longest was 41 yards and he has 1 fumble. JUST 1.. and just for arguments sake he has 11 punt returns with 1 fumble.. So thats 2 fumbles in 24 returns, I honestly dont think that's too bad, I dont want him fumbling but with his speed and his athleticism I would take the risk he brings.

Ellis Hobbs has 16 returns, 345 yards a long of 46(21.6 YPR average) and 1 fumble.. He also has zero Punt returns... There's no drop off from Hobbs to Calvin.. Although I wont count his fumble because anyone would've fumbled after that hit... But still there's really not a drop off, there's a little bit more of a risk but not as big as everyone's making it out to be..

(2) Everyone freaking out about what could possibly happen next year and beyond...

Ok first off I have a problem with this because there may not be any football next year, remember the owners may lock out? there's now what 99 days until the League and Players association have to make the deal? 99 days will fly by real fast and there's alot to do on one of those contracts... So I'm not worried about what might happen next year considering there may be no next year.

Secondly, No reason to focus on what coaches may or may not be here next year, if they're under contract they're most likely going to stay. Marty failed as a HC, he's having alot of success as the OC here, I dont think he'll be going anywhere especially with names like Gruden, Cowher and maybe even Childress... Let's quit freaking out about what the coaching staff is going to look like next year, news flash, we've changed coaches before and not much changes.

Third... Let's quit focusing on the draft at this time, I love the draft, I love watching the prospects, I love learning and researching about them, infact I LOVE hearing what you guys have to say about players and who they want. Let's just save that for the offseason because if we get it out of the way now you'll be bitching about how theres no news and being bored.

(3) Can we please stop freaking out about the hype around this team?

Yes Micheal Vick is fucking amazing, yes we destroyed the Redskins and beat the Giants, yes we're the sole owner of the #1 spot in the NFC East however we need to quit focusing in on the hype, I think we're buying into it to much, we're becoming to confident right now.. I think we need to step back and take a look at the fact that we're playing the Giants once more and they'll be looking for payback, the Cowboys twice which will be two very hard fought games, the Vikings who still have a damn good defense and all the pieces in place on offense to fuck somebody's day up, the Texans who are hit or miss but they really do have the potential to steal a game from us, then Chicago which has been wavering between shitty and good more than Favre does about his retirement... Point being every game from this second on is going to be difficult, and make no mistake we drop 2-3 of these and we may miss the playoffs in general.

Now for a positive note :)

I've decided I need to praise the defense here, the entire unit looks pretty damn good, and hell even the depth is destroying people.. Asante is lights out right now, I dont think any corner is playing as well as he is, Pattersons stats rival Hobbs's in only 3 starts and one other with significant playing time (23 tackles**some special teams*** 5 pass defenses and 3 INT's and 1 TD)... Nate Allen, Mikell and Coleman are playing at a high Level, Nate Allens still looking like a stud, Mikell looks like he's 23 out there.. Our DL is tearing it up, and our LB's are just little bastards fucking shit up constantly..

I'm really happy with this defense, most people a month ago were after McDermott, however I knew he'd end up getting everything right and so far he had, if he finishes the deed in these next 6 games we'll be looking at 1-4 more games.

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