Archie once tried to beat the Fail out of Eli...

It didn't work.

I’m telling you right now this isn’t going to be a humble and gracious post about our win.  I’m not going to talk anyone off of the Brooklyn Bridge, and I wont tell any of you green bleeders to quell your excitement.  Get up, get crazy.  This is a new team unlike we have ever seen, and I give you full permission to go absolutely wild and beat your chest.  This is a team of heart, no quit, quiet confidence, deadly explosiveness and I implore all of you to wear your fanhood on your sleeve and enjoy this win all week.  

I’d like to just start this off by reiterating what I said the other day to all those Vagiant fans.  The game will NOT come down to receivers.  It will NOT come down to the kickers.  It will NOT come down to the running backs.  It will come down to…

Hi there!  We're a tasty plate of cherry turnovers! Yum!

That’s all I’ll say about that.  There will be plenty of other posts that break down the game, harp on missed opportunities, rationalize the miscues and give the Giants a good pat on the back for a worthy showing.  I joined this community to share the enjoyment of being an Eagle fan with other Eagle fans.  I’m not here to be cordial to other fan bases, to shake hands, to high five after close games and to apologize for other angry and passionate Eagles fans.  This is the internet, NOBODY CARES and this is Eagles nation.  Come with it or go back home.  Don't like it, hit dat X and go change the tampy. 

So, tonight I had some company over and I couldn’t really chat it up with you fellas like I love to do, but I did spend some time collecting some great comments from HPV.

Leading off are the Greatest Hits of WHAT-IF statements: 

If the secondary could cover fewer receivers I would be happier
if we don't knock a QB out... we don't win.
if vick gets injured… 
If he had caught that, 
if we get a holding….they get a holding… 
if i was drinking something i would have spit it out 
If a play is challenged, it’s because it was extremely possible the refs were wrong… 
If we lose, this is on Bradshaw
if it’s not a fumble, I think Coughlin has to bench him for a little while.
If only a naked man would walk right into my open mouth
If Everyone had Hakeem Nicks-size hands, I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem 
if anyone touched him they’d get a penalty for hitting eli 
if we could have returned that FG the whole way...
if we played like we did today Redskins are 2 wins
If we lose to the Jaguars…. we might as well call it a season.
if he did’nt turn the ball over all of the time he’d be a fine QB
If KG is capable of this we need him to grow some balls.

 And our Honorable Mention:

we ALMOST blocked it again.


Now for the best comments of the night.

It's better to start with ball.  Good start can silence crowd somewhat by Syler

 Yes, it is.  A great defensive start can silence a scummy New York crowd.  Awkward time to mention that though Syler.  Watch the game...

Eagles always punk us.. always. by lboogie25 

I give up.... turnovers... by Nfpdawg

Clearly an unhealthy obsession here with pastry treats that this man has to walk away from an exciting game to satisfy his urges.

We could never make that play on 4th down by Landeta 
No Trolls from Philly. Alot of FRAUDS from BBV though it’s a division game away from home for first place in the east we made some mistakes but we are still in it WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HATE SO MUCH??? by greg a 

Did you hear that?  The Jets just gained about 30 wagoners.  

1st Round Draft Pick cornerback. by Fishhead202

 Could be a good move.  Can you draft home health nurses for head coaches?

Unless it's Vick.... Eagles can’t run on us that sexyscottish 

 LeSean McCoy 111 Yards, Giants running back 29 Yards

filthadelphia scumbags by Moshe52792

 This guy can't spell Philadelphia.  What an idiot.

Guys, the Eagles are faster than us at the skill positions.. all there is too it. Just more athletic and we can't keep up. by lboogie25
I want to see a tackle eligible TD pass to Andrews. by Willgfass

 Clearly he's never heard of Baby Huey until this season.

The Eagles are keeping us in a game we do not deserve to be in it. by BitterEli
Is anybody surprised, really? by ZILLAG 
This game is over Eli has been doing this all year. $^$^&$^#$%#%^#%#$#@$@$@@$%#%# This team NEVER learns.  Never.  We aren’t going anywhere. by Syler 

screw it.. im about to jump.  say what u want but this team is going NOWHERE with the turnovers.. we gave em three.. and now were giving them atleast 3 more...  by Moshe52792

 2 more, not 3 more.

Samuel eats the Manning's lunch again..  by lboogie25

 Nom nom nom nom 

So you’re telling me, the Eagles have all three timeouts and will get the ball to start the second half…. by the new Bradfather 
im calling a turnover first possesion vicks gunna snap too much pressure unless maclin gets a big play, hes scaring me today by GiantFiFyFoFum

Nope.  9 minute possession and more points on the board.

We're getting out coached plus the usual turnovers and horrid spec. teams. by Fishhead202

 Tom "I'm not too old" Coughlin isn't all that bad.

this game is almost over by bronx joey 

 Almost, keep watching though.

Watch the language a lot of repeat offenders tonight too… if I have already warned you and you continue to do so, you will be sat out for the night (and possibly longer, that is up to Ed). by brisulph

 Too easy...

Predictable good night folks. by Caseys Kiss of Death

Now it's over.  Good night girls.

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