What to Expect From The Eagles Offense vs. NYG

Yes, the Giants defense is better than the R*dskins. But I still expect the Eagles to hang around 40 points on them. Yes, they have a monstrous front four, but here's how the Eagles will (or should) counter it...


One thing that the Eagles have been doing of late that has really paid off for them is giving Vick deeper drops. His setup point has been up to 10 yds behind the L.O.S., which is a problem for opposing defenses. Because of his speed, he can get to this deeper drop in the time that it takes most QBs to get to a 7 step drop. This accomplishes the following:

1. It allows him to have better lines of sight, which is important because he's not very tall

2. It creates more creases in the pass rush -- allowing the rush to be spread out both horizontally AND vertically, which gives Vick more room to escape. D linemen facing Vick are taught to 'mush rush' him, not getting as far upfield, and staying at the same level as their teammates to prevent escape routes. More depth on drops means farther for them to keep up this disciplined relationship.

3. It buys time for deeper routes to develop. As you saw vs. WAS, where their safeties were playing an incredible 20yds off the ball, they *still* had time to get up on the safeties and run by them.


If you look at the highlights of the Giants DEs abusing other QBs, note that a lot of the sacks have come on outside / inside moves, where OT's terrified of their upfield speed get suckered and beat on spins or inside rips. UNLESS they have an accompanying OLB or CB blitz behind that look, that move is gonna be off-limits versus the Eagles or they'll be looking at a 30 yd run.

Basically, I don't buy that the Giants can get to Vick using only their front four. We saw how well sitting back in a deep zone worked for Washington, so they'll have to roll the dice and send some pressure. Boley has good speed and is an effective blitzer, so they may rush him, some. One technique that teams used against Vick in ATL was secondary pressure, especially CB blitzes to the backside of the stretch run (because Vick would frequently bootleg off of this action).

The problem with sending secondary pressure, though, is both DJax and Maclin require a double team. But they need to blitz DBs to have a chance against Vick's speed. If they don't blitz, they'll need extra DBs (instead of LBs) to help prevent huge plays in the passing game.

That means the Giants will have to play a lot of Nickel and Dime coverage against the Eagles base personnel.

Which means big games for Shady or Harrison running the ball up the middle. Having seen what the birds can do with the quick strike offense, I think the poison the Giants will pick is to concede the running game to stop the pass.

One wrinkle to look for  is for Vick to fake the stretch right, and then drop right (staying strong side instead of bootlegging like on the TD to Jackson). Instead of hitting Jackson, the bomb is to Maclin, coming over on the deep post from the backside.

It'll be nice if we can get up by about 2 TDs on them, and eat the clock with the run game, because  our DL can get after Eli, who will press, and throw at least 1 pick.

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