Carolina Panthers and Eagle Nation


This started out as a comment to JasonB’s post about the Panthers QB Situation, found here. It quickly turned from a comment into a FanPost, so here I am.

I live in here in Charlotte so I hear about this team far too much. Let me take you through this as best and as briefly as I can.  They flip flopped from quarterback to quarterback every game this season and have zero identity on offense. Don’t think that if Matt Moore was healthy that he’d be the man. He was taken out for Jimmy Clausen in the second or third week, then he was put back in. They flopped between these guys for like 4 weeks before Moore was finally hurt.  Then Clausen was hurt, only after he had a good game, and then it was Tony Pike's turn to come in.  Well, he sucked.  Alas, this St. Pierre guy comes in to lead the Panthers offensive attack, which is ironic  considering his name does sound French.  BOOM!

The Panthers, as perhaps some of you know had the worst draft last year. They only had a handful of picks.  Well, they certainly would have drafted a quarterback in that draft, right?  You're probably wondering.  Well, they did.  They drafted 3 quarterbacks total, but they wont admit that. What they like to say is they drafted 2.

The 3rd quarterback they drafted is Armanti EdwardsWho the fuck is that? I’ll tell you the who fuck it is. He’s the nimble playmaker from Appalachian State University, a local boy from dem mountains over on yonder!


He stands at a towering 5’10", and he’s fast. But did I mention he’s a local boy? That’s the only reason I can personally gather why they drafted him, but as a wide receiver. Yup, he’s a WIDE RECEIVER. He hasn’t even seen the field as a quarterback and a lot of Mountaineers are upset about it, but for whatever reason the coaches don’t like what they see during practice, so he stays on the sideline and watches the downward plummet of this team from afar.

The truth is he’s never been a great quarterback. He’s always made plays with his feet, but he’s never been asked to read a defense on his own.  Sound like someone we used to know?

Carolina is in the worst way. Their coach is going to be fired at the end of this year. Everyone knows it, and everyone talks about it so callously as if we weren’t talking about someone’s job. He’s not my coach, but it’s still unfortunate to listen to the local pundits and media talk about John Fox as a lame duck, even before the season began. It’s sad.

It seems to be about money with this team, and the looming lockout that is sounding more and more like the Y2K scare as time goes on.  Does anyone else get that feeling?  The owner, Jerry Richardson, booted several players because of money.  Julius Peppers was let go because he was too expensive to keep and there was certainly a question of whether he wanted to stay at all anyway, Maake Kemoeatu of the Skins, currently was let go because of his price tag, Delhomme was let go because of money that was already spent and Chris Harris of the Bears secondary right now was let go because of money as well— The owner is clearly preparing for a lockout, and really no other owner in the league followed his footprints during the free agency or draft.  Nobody except Chicago and New York spent wildly, but nobody dropped major players and potential playmakers because the sky was falling.

And if you’ve read this far into this post, this is where I bring our beloved Eagles into the narrative. THIS is why you should be glad you’re an Eagles fan.  

After ALL OF THIS, the owner of the Panthers raised ticket prices and season ticket prices. Imagine the nerve of someone to make a product worse off and then charge you more. And to make things more confusing for the city of Charlotte, at the same time that it was announced that these ticket prices had increased, the Charlotte Bobcats were making their very first appearance as a playoff team and ticket prices had dropped considerably to get more people in the door and create a fan base, as well reward the locals such as myself who had gone to the games regularly despite who or what was on the floor.  Imagine that!  You create a product, it flourishes and then you drop the price.  That's how you win a city.

Jeff Lurie doesn’t talk much to the media, but it’s more than the owner of the Panthers, who never does interviews. It never happens. He doesn’t apologize, respond to criticism, explain roster moves or lack of roster moves. He doesn’t do anything. It’s sad to see Panthers fans freak out and look for answers in their gross teal replica jerseys with the numbers all faded out and chipped away from the dryer heat.  They look like third world stomach bloated babies waddling around the city with flies on their eyes looking for answers, and nobody has any.  The rest of us here in Charlotte are Eagles fans, (yes, there is a large amount of us here,) Steelers fans, Giants fans and Bills fans.  We walk by with our Subway 5 dollar footlongs and for a second consider dropping a piece on the ground, but we usually think to ourselves, We may need that offensive linemen... and we carry on.



So, now the team is looking to lose Steve Smith and Deangelo Williams. Rumors have already begun to circulate that Smith, before his career comes to an end, would like to have a chance on a playoff contending team. Panthers could use the pick so they may deal him out in the off season. Deangelo Williams is one of a now, triple headed back field with Jonathan Stewart, Mike Goodson and himself. This is too much firepower and almost overkill for such a weak ass team, to put it nicely. They suck… why carry so much trade bait and firepower when all you need is perhaps one or two great running backs. So, expect Williams to be gone as well.

Trust me when I say this folks…. Panthers nation is a sad, sad, sad world, and on some sort of level it actually sucks for football fans in general because it’s painful to imagine, let alone watch, an organization plummet so far amidst a thriving time in the history of the sport.

Some might say, Well what about Buffalo? They have it pretty bad.  Buffalo has one of the oldest and loyalest fan bases in the league. These people shoot snot rockets and devilish grins at 4 feet high heaps of snow. They put up with super bowl losses and nearly a decade without a franchise quarterback, and those fans are still loyal. They're impervious to any more regression, and the truth is, they don't look too bad.  They may be the best worst team in league history with this current team.  Much like the Lions fan base. God bless those people for putting up with 0-16, and Rams nation, and FUCK… even Raiders nation. They perhaps put up with the same kind of beast that Carolina does. Ol’ Al Davis. You know that story… No fan base should put up with what some of these actually do.  On a large scale it's bad for the economy, and on a small scale it's bad for the sport.

So, be proud, bleed dat green and be grateful for the owner, the manager and the coach that we do have right now. They may not be perfect, but they’re doing a helluva job and demand all the praise we can give them.


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