My reaction/thoughts on the game and some questions..

Well I waited a day to write this because I just wanted to take some time, let it all soak in.. I didnt want to make a knee jerk reaction over anything so I just took a day... So here we go.

My Reaction to the Game:

Right from the get go I had a good feeling about this one. That very first play really drove home that feeling.. It was a complete destruction of a decent-good team. Our defense was amazing, our offense words cannot even describe.. I love Kolb but if Vick can do this the next 3-4 years we have to go with him and get another Vicky type to learn behind Vick.. However this was a great game and I really really enjoyed it. Not really gonna summarize it much because you all saw it.


My Thoughts on the Game:

Kurt Coleman- Coleman had a pick in his first start. This kid has pure football instincts and is always around the ball. He even said himself that he just used his instinct to make a play on the ball and once it hit his hands he was not going to drop it. He had a good game, maybe that first big pass play could be on him but I really wouldn't say that. Also he hits, which I like. Give him one good offseason to get bigger and faster and I think he seriously challenges Mikel for the job.

Dimitri Patterson- My boy Patterson was a beast. Gave up one big play but he was in position to make a play and didnt really get burned, he just jumped to early from the looks of it. Picked off McNabb twice and returned one 40 yards for an INT.. As I was telling one of our own earlier, Patterson's displaying some Sheldon-like ability out there. 

Offensive Line- No matter what you say about Vick making plays and running and his abilities masking the inabilities of our OL, I'd have to say our OL had a damn good game, Justice had some damn good plays, I saw him throw Landry and Orakpo, Peters didnt make any mistakes from what I saw, The interior of the like did it's job... You dont have a record setting night like this without a big contribution from the Offensive Line, they deserve alot of credit.

Pass Rush- Our Defensive Line generated 2 sacks (Parker and Laws), and we got amazing pressure all over the QB and even destroyed many run plays. Our pass rush really set the tone on defense.

Trevor Laws- The kid just seemed to click this year, I'm happy he's doing well, looked like a bust for a bit, luckily he's proven otherwise. He had a sack against the Redskins and has 3 on the year.

Offense- Record night.. Enough said.. Great top to bottom, inside and out...

Media- The media is all over our Jock, there's a ton of bandwagoners here... I really dont want to see much about this anymore, I just think that they should lay off a bit because I like our low key under the radar shit.


  1. Dimitri Patterson has only been starting these games because Hobbs has been injured.. When Hobbs comes back does Patterson continue to start??? I think he does, he's much better than Hobbs.. Hobbs sucks dick.
  2. Mike Vick had a record game Monday Night and I really want to know if you think he can repeat a performance like that?
  3. After Colemans two solid games do we begin to give him even more time? and if so how?
  4. After Harrisons 100 yard game do we make it a goal to get him the ball?
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