Philadelphia Eagles Penalty Report Week 9

PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 12: Ellis Hobbs #31 of the Philadelphia Eagles warms up before a game against the Green Bay Packers during the NFL season opener at Lincoln Financial Field on September 12 2010 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

As we head into week nine here, I wanted to take a look at which Eagles are struggling the most with penalties. Most of these names are no surprise, but there are a couple names on the list you may not have expected. Overall, the Eagles are struggling with what are probably the most common penalties you'll see. They've been flagged for 15 offensive holding calls and 7 defensive offsides calls.

First, and so far the worst among individual players has been Ellis Hobbs. He's been flagged 5 times for a team leading 84 yards. Two of those were pass interference penalties, a 38 yarder in week 3 and a 21 yarder in week 7.

Next up is Jason Peters, who despite missing the last 2.5 games is still tied for the team lead in flags. He's been flagged 5 times for 40 yards. His penalties have nullified 30 yards of offense and have caused two drives to stall. That said, if you look a little deeper into the numbers, Peters had one holding call that negated a 32 yard gain, but none of his other penalties nullified even a yard. His problem has been holding this year, he's been flagged for that three times. Last year his issues was offsides, but he's only been flagged for that once this season. 

Amazingly enough, King Dunlap's penalties have caused more stalled drives (3) in his two starts in place of Peters...

Also tied for the team lead in flags is a guy you probably didn't realize... Trent Cole. He's been flagged 5 times, three which are for offsides or neutral zone infractions.

After the jump, I've got the most disappointing Eagle in terms of penalties. Amazingly, it is not one of the guys listed above....

Now, the one thing you can say about the guys above is that they're all starters and play a lot of snaps. The guys that drive me crazy are the ones who don't play a whole lot but still rack up flags. I mentioned King Dunlap earlier who has been flagged 3 times for 30 yards in just two starts.

A guy was very disappointed to see was Kurt Coleman, who is actually second on the team in overall penalty yardage. He's been hit with 4 flags for 55 yards. Worst part is, they're mostly really stupid and avoidable penalties. He's got a holding call on a kickoff return, a taunting flag, unnecessary roughness, and was flagged for fair catch interference.

While it doesn't excuse them in any way, the flags that Peters, Hobbs, & Cole have accumulated all at least come with the territory of their position. Plus, those guys all start and play a lot. Kurt Coleman doesn't play nearly as many snaps and has the second most flags on the team for the second most yards... and all of his penalties are stupid and avoidable. He is the only Eagle this season to be hit with a taunting or an unnecessary roughness penalty.

Some other quick takeaways... every starter on the offensive line other than Mike McGlynn has at least two holding penalties this year. Rookie Nate Allen is the only guy in the Eagles secondary that has not been flagged this season.

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