The Official BGN Bowl II Recap...

BGN Bowl II was another huge success.   We had T-shirts made, got about 10 members out there, lucked out with perfect weather, and had no major injuries to report.  Quite a contrast to BGN Bowl I.  

We played rough touch on a 80 yard by 40 yard field.  The game was 5 on 5 most of the day, so there was plenty of room to roam, and a lot of big plays.  It was nice the bdawk4ever made the trip, despite his major injury in BGN Bowl 1.  He was our camera crew for the day. Sorry for the delay, but check out the videos, pics and recap after the jump.....

The teams were split by the 2 captains: GreenInBaltimore and Wokjob.

Grays Starting Lineup:






Greens Starting Lineup:

Tracer Bullet

Matt From Denver


Sean from B-More



The O/U for the game was 10 TD's and Gray was a solid 1.5 TD favorite once teams were drawn.  Gray had 4 returning members from BGN Bowl 1, so they were clearly the home team.  Bob_Q was the only free agent pickup. 

Place your bets....


Gray took the first pick of the 2010 BGNB2 player draft, so it was decided that Gray would start with the ball. 

Right off the bat, you could tell that this was an Andy Reid offense.  No pass protection, and 100% passing play selection.  Well ok .....its touch football, so we all knew that there wouldnt be a line, and there would be a 5 count before a blitz.  Anyways, gray marched down the field and scored a quick TD on the first possession.  Whodie for his 1st TD of the day....

">Deep Pass

Green took the ball on the second possession of the game and struggled a bit to get themselves in scoring position.  They did have some decent yardage gained on this play.....

Gray played solid defense, and green had their early game struggles.   The game was approaching halftime with a score of 4-1 in favor of gray, when green closed the gap.... ">

The gap had closed, and we all needed a break.   4-2, Gray leads at halftime....

The second half opened up and the Green team was starting with the ball.  They had some positive yardage, and then the inevitable happened.   Bob_Q took matters into his own hands..... ">

Great downfield coverage bought foos some good time in the pocket, but the forced throw was tipped up and Asante_Q, I mean Bob_Q was there to make them play.

Gray takes over and marches down the field again.  Whodie  hauls in yet another TD pass.   This guy is making a real push for MVP.   BUT WAIT.......

This TD has now been CHALLENGED by the Green team......  The catch was close, and lucky for us, we have a camera crew that got the shot at a great angle.


"After reviewing the play.   The call on the field STANDS!  The Green time will be charged a fake timeout.  And still has infinite timeouts remaining."

Great catch Whodie!

Green back at it for one final attempt, but it fell short......

The game came to a close, and the Gray team had handled business just as they had hoped.  A decisive 8-5 victory over the visiting Green team.

Leading Stats: 

Whodie: 6 TD Receptions, 1 TD Pass, 1 INT returned for TD.

Bob_Q: 2 INT's, 80 yard TD reception to put game out of reach.

GreenInBaltimore: 7 TD Passes, 1 TD reception, 1 INT on Defense, No INT's thrown.

Foos: 3 TD Passes, 1 INT thrown.

Matt from Denver: 3 TD Receptions.

MVP:   Whodie.  The pick 6 sealed the deal.  Bob_Q was in the running, and GIB was too. 


Below are the top three recorded plays from the Day.  View them all and Vote for your "Top Play of The Day."

1.  GIB gets his Larry Fitzgerald On.... ">

2.  Whodie gets his Pick 6.... ">

3.  Bob_Q beats a taller, faster defender in WokJob and handles the deep bomb, for an 80yd TD reception.... ">


All in all, it was a GREAT day.   We all left there and went to C&P's for a few beers and greasy food.  BUT one last thing that we did before we left.....

Our boy JimmyK had done just enough smack talking before this game to warrant some recourse for cancelling on us in the last minute......

We chose the grossest, sweatiest, and most grass stained T-Shirt that we had worn through the game, and all signed it to rub it in just a touch.   I sent it up to him the following week.  I cant imagine it smelled so great after that sweat hang out in that airtight UPS pouch for a week!   Thanks, Jimmy!  Frame that game worn Tee!

BGNB3 will be a blast, and we hope to see you all there.

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