Eagles hitting vs Dunta Robinson

Today's sweet victory was cut short with news that our play-maker Desean Jackson suffered a severe concussion in the 31-17 win over the Falcons.

Eagles coach Andy Reid didn't estimate how long Jackson might be sidelined. Same thing for Falcons coach Mike Smith about Robinson."He seems to be fine," Smith said of the corner-back whom Atlanta signed as a free agent during the off-season. "It was a very violent collision. I saw him and knew he couldn't return, and that's all I really know." The same cannot be said for Jackson. NFL Network and FOX Sports' Jay Glazer reports Jackson has a "severe concussion" and suffered memory loss from the hit.

For those who are unaware, the NFL has recently become very cautions with concussions. Jackson is expected to at least miss next weeks game. For Jackson to return he will have to pass two concussion tests, evaluated by the Eagles medical staff and the tested by independent neurological consultant.


My Family and I were watching the early morning game (early in Hawaii). Myself, the only Eagle fan in the family, was overjoyed with the early 14-0 lead until the hit. The tensing up of Jackson's limbs and muscles sent shivers down our backs. And while we all agreed that this was not only a dirt hit, but extremely unnecessary hit. Soon after Jackson was taken off the field, my brother and I soon got into a discussion. He argued that the Eagles are always known for being dirty hitters. 

Then this afternoon, I see this comment. 

I don’t think anybody is saying it was a clean hit or shouldn’t have been a penalty, but I highly doubt he was trying to hurt DeSean. Dawk did this stuff all the time and we all loved it. How was this any different than the hit on Crumpler in 2004?

Thus, the research began, are the Eagles the biggest dirty hitters?

First what is a illegal tackle? What is legal?

This is paraphrased from's video

Illegal hit: If you just caught the ball and can't defend yourself or you didn't catch the ball, you are a defenseless receiver; And therefore cannot be hit helmet to helmet, shoulder to helmet, or forearm to helmet.

Legal hit: When a player catches the ball and can defend himself, or a running back, you can be hit will the list above. 

Video 1: Dawkins vs Crumpler 2004:

DAWKINS kills Crumpler (via jmeiw1)

This famous hit by Dawkins in the 2004 Championship game has multiple views, all showing Dawkins leading with his shoulder and hitting him in the chest. Even though Crumpler couldn't defend himself, he was hit in the stomach.

Video 2: Dawkins Suplex

brian dawkins crazy takle (via jetsky7)

Although this may seem unnecessary and brutal, the receiver lands on the back of his shoulders, not his neck, able to defend himself.

Video 3: He got hit so hard he lost his Heisman

Reggie Bush just got JACKED UP! (via houstonsports22)

Shoulder to stomach. Not illegal to knock the wind out of someone. 

Video 4: Tweet about this Ochco

Chad Ochocinco Takes a Big Hit Vs The Philadephia Eagles (via CelebsMayhemTV)

This one is close, but it looks like he caught the ball and was able to defends himself because the refs deemed it a complete catch and then fumble. The helmet comes off from hitting the ground.

Video 5: Wait who makes this tackle?

Asante Samuel BIG HIT on Dexter McCluster! (via bc11444)

This is legal because Asante doesn't know how to tackle. 

Video 6: Old School

eagles biggest hit in 2000 (via nitronacho7)

Last highlight. Joe Horn was defenseless, but it was shoulder to stomach. Legal

Video 7: Jumping Fail

brandon jacobs gets jacked up!!! (via johnnyhiggs21)

According to the rules, he was running from the backfield so helmet to helmet contact is legal on this play.

This was the only illegal hit I could find on youtube by a Eagle

Video 8: Brian being Brian

Brian Dawkins Hit on Muhsin (HD) (via drlfresh81)

This one is clearly illegal, Mushin couldn't defend himself right as he caught the ball. Oops.

Majority of the Eagles highlight hits on defense is legal. 1/8 big hits are illegal, and the oldest video to the newest is 2000-2010. Its safe to say, the Eagles d are the hardest legal whacking bad asses in the NFL. And they don't do pussy shit like this. 

{HD} Philadelphia Eagles DeSean Jackson Injured by BIG HIT Dunta Robinson (via BluSmash)

DeSean was clearly defenseless and shoulder or not its illegal. So here's to you, biggest prick in the NFL, Dunta Robinson. Keep making those highlight reels by shorting your career as well.

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