Kevin Kolb Reacts To His Huge Game Against Atlanta

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 17: Kevin Kolb #4 of the Philadelphia Eagles passes a touchdown to Jeremy Maclin #18 in the third quarteragainst the Atlanta Falcons during their game at Lincoln Financial Field on October 17 2010 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Kevin Kolb is making the most of his latest shot to be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. After a really solid performance last week against the 49ers, Kevin Kolb lit up the Falcons today to the tune of 326 yards and 3 TDs(a career high). He also completed 79.3% of his passes for a QB rating of 133.6. 

FOX named Kolb their "FedEx Air Player of the Week" and said that it wasn't even close. The Eagles noted after the game that In the four games Kolb has started and finished, he owns a 3-1 record and has thrown for 1,297 yards (324.3 per game) and eight touchdowns on 99 of 145 passing (68.3%) for a quarterback rating of 103.1. Those are impressive numbers.

He was asked after the game whether he ever doubted his ability to be this teams' starting QB at the start of the season.

"No, I never lacked confidence because although people don't see it, in training camp, practices and, of course, the couple of games that I've played in, there are just certain things that click and you say, ‘Okay, the game has slowed down a lot. I saw that perfectly.' When you do that, that's what confidence is. It's not the touchdown passes. It's whenever you see things clearly. That's what a quarterback always wants to get to and that's what I think both of us have accomplished."

Did he learn anything when he was on the bench of watching Michael Vick?

"Yeah. One thing that I really saw stepping back was the way Mike [Vick] plays the game, to be honest with you. He's out there just playing the game. Sometimes, as a quarterback, you want to execute things so efficiently and you want to get it in the right guy's hands and that kind of stuff, that you forget to just play the game. I think that's kind of what Mike helped me with so that's what I keep reiterating to myself. I've been doing that for a lot of years now. Just go out and play the game and don't worry about all of the execution things of who to get the ball to. Think through your stuff and play the game."

Did he answer the people who claimed that he didn't have enough arm strength?

"Well, I don't ever doubt it and I think the guys when they see me throw it in practice and of course we've had some game-breakers too. They don't doubt it either. So that's never a question on our part. But I guess if there needed to be an answer, then today was a decent day for it. I was glad to get those big plays right off the bat. It helped us get juiced up and keep it going."

How does he feel about heading back to the bench after today's performance?

"You always want to play and we're excited about today, all of us. We have confidence in whoever is out there. And I think that's the way the team approaches it. I really do. I want to be out there, again, I trust [head coach] Andy [Reid] to make the right decision for everybody and we believe in that. I want to give credit to the offense though because, and really the whole team, but whoever's in there, they've been fighting and doing a heck of a job for both guys. And it's not easy. Right-handed, left-handed, different styles, different cadence. So you have to give credit to them for the week of preparation we've had."

Finally, he broke down the big 83 yard TD to Jeremy Maclin

"It was something that we had been working on for a while. We had to just get the right situation for it. Beforehand, [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] did an unbelievable job dialing up things the [at] right time today and that was one of them. They were in a running-type of defense. We had a good little fake there, got the safety to jump it and my mentality was if it was one-on-one, I was going to throw it. And it was none-on-one, so it was a nice surprise."

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