Do you suffer from CDA? (The first step is recognizing the problem)

CDA = Coaching Dysfunction Anxiety; A disease documented and displayed by fans of teams like the Oakland RaidersDetroit Lions and Washington Redskins. It occurs when the coaching staff can no longer "get it up".  This is a different disease from AOD (Asinine Owner Dysfunction) which was invented by Al Davis and Jerry Jones.

Let's look at what the press says about the Eagles coaching staff:

Bobby April - "the best special teams coach in the business."

Juan Castillo - "the best offensive line coach in the business."

Marty Morninhweg - "the offensive coordinator who manages the game clock with a sundial" (OK, I made that up...)

Sean McDermott – “trained by the best in the business”

Andy Reid - "One of the best in the business."

Earlier this season, JimmyK gave me some guff when I asked why we should consider Juan Castillo the best O-Line coach in the business. My question was, if this guy is so great, why has the O-Line been so consistently bad disappointing.  Jimmy is a passionate fan and I can understand why he might have taken my question kind of hard, but he is also becoming an excellent journalist. (Even if he disagrees with me).  So I hope he’ll take this one objectively.

For my part,  I re-opening the question and expanding it to the rest of the coaching staff.  Considering the talent the Eagles can field, is there a problem with the coaching staff? BTW, I will not threaten to post one of these each week, and no, I will not mention peas either.

But here we go:

Juan Castillo -  Juan has had some personnel challenges this year and last.  I suppose when you think about it,  anything that can go wrong with the line is a personnel challenge so I cannot give him a pass on this.  He has done some good things recently, like rehabilitating Winston Justice and resolving a huge question mark at center, but 'best in the business'?  I still don't see it.

With the lack of depth that the line is showing, I'd say he's too short sighted to be best in the business.  He's had a week to prep King Dunlap and if he does half the job with him as he did in fixing Justice, Castillo will get my full support. For now I'd say that I'm less than impressed.

Now Bobby April - I think everyone can agree that special teams performance is terrible. Close to the bottom of the league. The draft and some of our trades should have been very positive for special teams this year. I think the quality of the individual players on ST has improved while the overall performance has gotten worse. To me, that means that the issue is coaching.  April may have been the best in the biz at Buffalo, but he is not improving anything here.  Maybe it's a style issue.  Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I think the Eagles have the talent to cover kicks and punts far better than they are currently doing. Again, I am less than impressed.

Marty Morninhweg - has the youngest, fastest, most talented offense in the league (that MIGHT be a little biased, but I love our offense). Why aren't they eating other teams alive yet?  Growing pains?  Mid-season is on its way. It's time these boys start stomping ass.  Can anyone argue that they don't have the talent?  Again - this points to coaching.

Sean McDermott - He's had his rookie year where we gave him a pass for some pretty lackluster performances from the D.  The guy has been handed a LOT of new talent. Now it's time for little Opie to fire up his boys and create some good 'ol Iggles merciless mayhem. And keep the pressure on, all game long? How many seasons does it take to fix coverage problems in the middle? I'm getting impatient with 'Little Doogie Howser, the child coach'.

Andy Reid - I love his back office ability. Game day, I am less impressed.  Not anti-Reid here, just want better performance from him, too. Sure the “I take the whole responsibility” post-game comments are all anyone can say and yes, he adjusts to problems very well from week to week.  But maybe it's time for Andy to start benching some coaches to get the point across that it's time for his lieutenants to get some better results or move on. I want to see him getting angry and kicking some staff ass.

"Hi, my name is Iggy Green and I suffer from CDA..."

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