Week 6 - Toughest week for predictions yet????

Wow. This week schedule has some real tough matchups. Its been a crazy season thus far. Let's recap.

- We've seen the Vikings beg Brett Favre to come back for another season only to start 1-3 and have us look up every picture on the net of J. Sterger.

- We've seen the Bears go 4-1 with Jay Cutler, say what?

- We've seen the Steelers almost go 4-0 with their 3rd/4th QB....running game and defense? Whats that?

- We've seen the Chiefs go 3-1, almost beating the Colts.

- We've seen #5 come in our house and beat us (I know I know...but he still go the W)

- We've also seen #5 lose to the Rams, yay!

- We've seen the Raiders beat the Chargers, wtf?

- We've seen the SB champs get beaten by an undrafted rookie QB.

- and last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST.... any guesses??? Cowboys starting 1-3 on a year their stadium hosts the SB, Hell Yeh!

As you can see, most divisions are still wide open. There doesn't seem to be any leading front runners in the NFC yet, while there's 3 AFC teams that are pulling away from the bunch: Steelers, Ravens & Jets. With this comes no surprise that there will be many important matchups in the upcoming weeks. Let's have a look at week 6:

Week 6 - my toughts

  1. Seahawks at Bears - I give this one to the Bears just cause they are at home, Cutler is still an average QB at best
  2. Dolphins at Packers - Tough matchup here. Both coming off losses. Henne will need to step it up. Ill give the edge to Miami on this one because of their running game and I like Marshall vs GB CBs.
  3. Chargers at Rams - The Chargers are a hard team to judge this year. Their offense has been potent but their D is in the shits (sounds familiar?) Not sure if the Rams can keep up with the firepower though...
  4. Ravens at Patriots - Tough tough game. Revenge for the Pats at home? The effect of no more Moss? I would like to think the Ravens have the edge on this one, but Belichick seems to come up with great game plans to win big games like this....
  5. Saints at Bucks - Is this was week 1, there would be no doubt that I would pick the Saints. However, after their subpar performances as of late, and the suddenly emergence of the Bucks (seems like this team is for real), at home I like the Bucks here.
  6. Lions at Giants - As much as I hate to say this, the Giants are looking better every week, watch out...
  7. Falcons at Eagles - The Eagles need this win, big time. They have yet to win at home and the schedule only gets tougher and tougher from here on in...
  8. Browns at Steelers - No brainer here. Mike Bell runs for 432 yards, with 4 TDs against the Steelers D, and Big ben walks away with 4 dates to the prom and an audition to the Biggest Loser.
  9. Chiefs at Texans - We'll see which one of these teams is for real this week. Tough pick.
  10. Raiders at 49ers - Everything on the line for SF vs Raiders who just won over the Chargers...another tough pick.
  11. Jets at Denver - The Broncos are another one of those teams that have lots of potential. Orton is a passing machine and their Defense is always strong. Its also hard for visiting teams to come in and win in the mile high city, Short week for the Jets after emotional game, could be a trap game here.
  12. Cowboys at Vikings - Who would have predicted that two of the SB favorites on week 1 would be bottom feeders at week 6? Tough game to pic? Sure! But by rule: Go Vikings!
  13. Colts at Skins - McNabb vs Manning, nough said....
  14. Titans at Jags - My only tought on this game is: Can Monday Night football game get blacked out?

Well there you go. Great matchup this week. What are your thoughts on the Week 6 matchups?

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