Week 6 Matchup: Things you may want to know

First off, my brother is a die hard falcons fan so i know what im saying when i present the following assertions about the falcons. 


o-line: these guys are a bunch of maulers, especially dahl. Individually none of them are that good, but as an unit they are quite solid. They have given up 10 sacks in 5 games (compared to our 19), only 20 qb hits (33).  Clabo may be their weak link o our le really needs to step it up


RB- they only have power backs left on the roster. They do a good job getting running room. Snelling, who is not to shabby can be perceived as a dual threat, more so than turner. We all know how shitty our run d is, and frankly they stack up well against us. I wouldn't be surprised to see dixon get the starting nod alongside patterson in base formations

QB- ive never liked ryan. Honestly i don't think that he is that good. Pressure is the key here, as it always is. If Roddy is covered and we actually make an effort to cover tony, he will be in trouble. He doesn't have a checkdown since noorwood is out. Our des and nate allen need to do a better job at bringing down the qb. Too many times alex smith alluded arm tackles by stepping up in the pocket. Take better angles and lay that mother fucker out.


TE- hall of famer. nothing you can do except pray. He will catch anything and everything. I would like to see Bradley get another shot in coverage. He's big enough and should be able to run stride for stride with him. Last week i think sims or fokou should have played underneath coverage on daivs.


WR- after roddy they have nobody. Jenkins is back but he sucks. Douglas is average. Finnegan is old. But roddy is top 7 WR in the league. He isnt the fastest but boy does he run great routes. He runs alot of double moves when he plays us. I expect asante to be on him (since he has similar size to crabtree and none of our cbs could match him). That being ssid, expect coverage to be rolled with nate allen playing bracket coverage.




D-line: they have a really good d-line. Babineax? is one of the best tackles in the league. Yeah i said it. He was 1st in qb pressures and tfl last year. Now he has another decent tackle lined up next to him. Abraham, i think, i declining, but can still be a force, especially with peters missing the game. Kroy bierman is a mother fucking beast. He is relentless. Justice is gonna have his hands full

lbs- eh. Lofton is a great run stopper but struggles in coverage. If he is maned against mccoy we will be in business. As for Peterson and weatherspoon(if he plays) they are decent against the run, but not impressive in coverage. Peterson, although, does have a knack for causing turnovers so shady might want to two hand it when running slams and powers.

dbs- still the weakest point of their defense but still not that bad. Their safety play has improved. Dunta doesnt look like his old self. owens can ball. he is very athletic and has some hoppers. Im blacking out on the name of the other corner but he isn't that bad. William more can make plays.


Here are some stats for yall.....


points allowed-14 (2nd in nfl)

yds-310 (10th)

passing yds-223.4 (19th)

rush-86.6 (8th)

as you can see the secondary is the weak link.




pts-22.6 (10th)

yds-370.2 (7th)

pass- 221.4 (16th)

rush-148.8 (2nd)

They have always been a run first team. Ryan really struggles when he has no ground game.



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