The Linc - The "hated Cowboys"

Can Eagles redeem their season in Dallas? | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/08/2010
5 reasons Eagles will win

Eagles Notebook: Birds Opt For Study Hall
With one less day to prepare and the pain still lingering from Sunday’s 24-0 beatdown in Dallas, Andy Reid decided to ease up on his team this week. The Eagles cut short their practices and spent the extra time behind closed doors in meetings and watching film.

Why "hated Cowboys"? Let's count the ways | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/08/2010
Charles Law, a nice but naive Inquirer reader who is excited about tomorrow night's NFC wild-card matchup here, asked in a recent e-mail why the Dallas Cowboys were so often referred to as "the hated Cowboys" in Philadelphia. Well, Mr. Law, it's obvious you're either new to Philly or don't own a radio, so let me explain.

Cowboys' playoff drought chock full of painful memories, ugly losses | Dallas Cowboys News | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News
The Romo-Cabo fiasco looms as the Cowboys' most painful Waterloo moment in their playoff drought.

SB Nation's NFL Regular Season Studs And Duds Award Spectacular - SB Nation
SB Nation's NFL bloggers have cast their ballots for the 2009 regular season studs and duds. And now, the results, which feature more hardware for Peyton Manning and one last parting gift for Jim Zorn.

For Eagles' defense, a mixed verdict | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/08/2010
So much pressure was on the guy responsible for putting together the Eagles' pressure packages this season. Like it or not, Sean McDermott was - and will continue to be - compared to the late Jim Johnson, who spent a decade as coach Andy Reid's defensive coordinator.

EaglesFanCast - A Philadelphia Eagles Fan Podcast and Blog " EaglesFanCast 77 – Blanked
Jason from Bleeding Green Nation joins Todd and Chuck this week for all the fun talk.

Birds employee keeps job after spitting incident | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/08/2010
Spadaro will not be reprimanded and will be at tomorrow's game in his role as the team's Web site blogger and commentator, Eagles spokeswoman Pamela Browner-White said. She declined further comment.

Cowboys won't get into spitting contest | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/08/2010
"You know, what tells is the game itself," he observed wryly. "We all know that. The verbal wars don't do a whole lot. It's the war on the field that makes the difference. Hopefully we'll respond that way."

Could this be McNabb's final season in Philly? - NFC East Blog - ESPN
As most of you know, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is signed through the 2010 season. He received a hefty raise for leading his team to the NFC title game in '08, but the club curiously decided not to extend his contract past 2010.

Gonzo: The Cowboys we love to hate | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/08/2010
If you enjoy old westerns, you know cowboys are supposed to wear white hats and rescue women in distress before riding off toward a slowly setting sun. They're supposed to be the good guys. As any loyal Eagles fan will tell you, that's true only in the movies. On the football field, the Cowboys have proven to be nasty little knotheads with black hearts and big mouths. I spent four years in Dallas covering the 'Pokes, which I always felt was like doing time at Leavenworth.

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