McNabb debate in 'one question'

After the Eagles' lost the NFC championship game vs. Arizona and the initial hysterical cries of 'fire Reid/trade McNabb' died down a bit, the question last offseason became whether or not the Eagles were going to be able to place enough talent around McNabb on the offensive side of the ball to make another run at the Super Bowl.  They had to deal with 2 aging tackles (Runyan, Thomas) who likely weren't going to be back, a banged up Westbrook who was likely on the downside of his career, and a couple of big question marks at other skill positions including FB, TE, and WR. 

Well, nearly every move they made last offseason was to shore up the offense as much as possible and surround McNabb with as enough talent on the OL and at the skill positions:

1. Trade for Peters to immediately shore up the LT position.

2. Sign Weaver to a 1-year deal to plug the hole at FB. 

3. Sign Stacy Andrews to play RG and hopefully be a calming presence on his whackjob brother Shawn who was slated to the the RT.

4. Surprise almost everyone and draft Maclin in the 1st round and then draft McCoy early in the 2nd round. 

5. Attempt to trade for another backup TE and wound up drafting Ingraham who they hoped would contribute.

6. Signed Vick to give them a potentially different look out of the Wildcat formation and in the Red Zone.

All-in-all, I would say that most of their moves turned out to be positive.  Maclin and McCoy both contributed in a meaningful way right away and look like future starters at WR and RB repsectively.  Peters played well enough at LT and looks like a fixture there for the next several years.  Weaver was a Pro-Bowl caliber FB this year.  Only move that really backfired in their face was signing Stacy Andrews who clearly wasn't recovered from his two 2 knee ligament replacments and then his brother turning in another MIA season.  They didn't lose anything by signing Vick and backup TE wasn't really an issue all year because of Celek's performance.

This year though the defense sprung several leaks though and special teams remained an issue due to several issue s (KR returner, coverage units, inconsitency of Rocca).  The Eagles' offense also was very erratic as they put up a record number of points for the franchise and had a  number of big plays.  They had several issue though that had plagued them the last few years including short-yardage conversions, Red Zone opportunities, and 3rd-down conversions.  Big plays helped them score alot but they didn't have a great TOP or have the ability to sustain drives that often.

All of this boils down to one question with McNabb and only one - Is this team capable of making enough moves in FA/draft this year to shore up enough holes on the defensive side of the ball and on special teams so that they can make another legit run in the NFC next year with McNabb at QB

If not, I say the Eagles should look at the real possibility of trading him for a high-draft pick this year and another pick in 2011 draft.  Eagles have Kolb waiting and the realistic probability that McNabb is here beyond 2010 are remote to say the least. 

My personal preference is to give it one more shot and then you move on to Kolb.  Eagles have a couple of higher-round draft picks this year and have the possibility of finally shuttng up the fans a bit by going out and spending some money in FA in an uncapped year.  Don't need to take the Redskins' approach of signing the 'best FA on the market' but making a selective high-value signing at one position of need (DE, FS, OLB).

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