MUST READ: More Reasons to Hate Donovan McNabb

I think it's safe to say that 99.9% of Philadelphia hates Donovan McNabb and most Eagles fans would sacrifice every first born male in the city to see him traded to Minnesota, Carolina, or Arizona. After reading EvilBanner's post on the horrors of smiling, I could feel the hatred radiating from the user comments like a nuclear explosion in the desert. Well, fellow BGN members, I have more reasons for you hate your probable 2010 quarterback... and they don't involve the words "choke," "dirtball" or "interception."

I must warn you... you're not going to like this.

Reason #1: The Donovan McNabb Fund

Back in 2000, Donovan decided that he would open up his own foundation called the Donovan McNabb Fund to raise awareness of a particular type of illness. Now, think of all the world's diseases... Cancer. AIDS. The Black Plague. These are all dangers that strike fear into the hearts of even the world's strongest men. But do you want to know which type of illness the Donovan McNabb Fund is trying to prevent? Do you? Well, it diabetes. DIABETES!

Seriously!? Come on, Donovan! Can't you pick a different illness to focus on instead of diabetes? My uncle has diabetes and all he has to do is take a shot every now and then and lay off Big League Chew. In June, Donovan McWilfordbrimley was named "Father of the Year" by the American Diabetes Association at a dinner where he raised $100,000. Sheesh. Tom Brady would have raised at least a quarter million. $100,000? What a jerk.

Reason #2: Poor Sportsmanship

Yes, we all despise the dancing and the smiling and the air guitar. But look at this video...


I feel nauseous. The worst part is that this was at a High School in front of innocent children. Oh the humanity!

Reason #3: Superficial Community Involvement

This past Spring, Donovan agreed to allow the Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired to use his likeness for a poster and donor card that was distributed throughout the Philadelphia region. Um, Donovan... What good is a poster for the blind, IF THEY CAN'T EVEN SEE IT!!! That's like distributing #5 headphones to the deaf.

Also at the beginning of the school year, Donovan taped a phone message for the Philly's school districts that went out to 170,000 Philadelphia homes encouraging parents and kids enrolled in public schools to attend a “Back to School” orientation for the upcoming school year. If the guy really cared that much, he would have knocked on everybody's doors and told them in person about the importance of education... but what would Donovan know about academics? I mean, he has a B.S. in Speech Communication. Dummy.

Of course, this post was done is parody and jest. The anti-McNabb posts are getting redundant and extremely old (so are the anti-Kolb ones for that matter). Chances are (and I could be wrong), this guy will be leading the troops next season. So, let's all just cool down a bit... but I know that won't happen. Let the hatespeech begin!

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