The 2009 "Eagies"

It's time to hand out this year's "Eagies" (the Eagles Awards) for the 2009 season...

Offensive MVP - DeSean Jackson

Kind of a no-brainer here...

63 receptions, 1,167 receiving yards, 9 receiving TD

11 rushes, 137 yards, 1 TD

29 punt returns, 441 yards, 2 TD (15.2 average)

The following video shows his highlights from the 2009 season.  How many WR's are out there that could boast a similar highlight reel over their entire careers?

His touchdowns this year...

- 85 yard punt return, 71 yard reception, 64 yard reception, 67 yard run, 57 yard reception, 54 yard reception, 48 yard reception, 35 yard reception, 72 yard punt return, 60 yard reception, 19 yard reception, 2 yard reception, 4 yard reception

Honorable Mention - Brent Celek


The rest of the awards after the jump...

Defensive MVP - Trent Cole - 57 tackles, 12.5 sacks

Maybe not the biggest name on our D, but definitely our best defensive player, and he played like it this year.

Honorable Mention - Sheldon Brown


Offensive Rookie of the Year - Jeremy Maclin - 55 receptions, 762 yards, 4 TD.  7 catches, 146 yards, 1 TD in his first ever NFL playoff game.

DeSean Jackson set the bar pretty high his rookie season when he caught 62 passes for 912 yards and 2 TD.  Considering that Maclin had almost no playing time in 2 games (the opener vs Carolina and the 2nd matchup against the Giants), and missed a game due to injury vs the 49ers, his rookie numbers are right on pace with what Jackson was able to accomplish in his rookie season.  And somehow, managed to do it quietly.  The bar set by Jackson in his 2nd year is now extraordinarily high - Gotta feel great about our extremely young, extremely talented receivers.

Honorable Mention - LeSean McCoy


Defensive Rookie of the Year - Moise Fokou - 39 tackles


(Note - There were too many great Moise Fokou highlight reels to choose from, and I couldn't decide on one so I went with a picture instead.)

Only 2 to choose from here.  Let me preface this by saying that I like Macho Harris, and think he has some potential.  He plays hard, is a solid tackler, and from everything I hear about the kid, he loves to play.  Adjusting to the NFL when you're thrown into a difficult defense to learn, as a rookie, especially at a position you've never played before... is not easy.  That said, Fokou contributed more than Macho this season despite less playing time, and I think his future with the Eagles is going to be as a solid contributor as a backup at all 3 linebacker positions, hopefully playing that role better than Omar Gaither.  In Week 10, he had 12 tackles against the Chargers, and by the end of the season he was starting.  A few killer penalties aside against Dallas in our first meeting in Philly, he was also a good special teamer.  Not a bad season at all for a 7th rounder.

Honorable Mention - Macho Harris


Most Pleasant Surprise - Winston Justice

Back when he did that interview (and don't bother watching it if you get bored easily), it was 2 days before the first game against the Panthers, and predictably he was still answering questions about the Osi Umenyiora game.  Personally, I had no confidence in Winston at the time, and was almost disappointed that he made the team.  A lot has changed since then.  Despite the Eagles' top 2 options at RT (the Andrews brothers) not being able (or willing) to step onto the football field, Justice was solid (although not great) this season.  He earned himself a nice little contract, and is set to be our starting RT into the future.  Good for you, Winston.

Honorable Mention - Brent Celek


Biggest Disappointment - Shawn Andrews

In case you've never seen this video, this is what Shawn Andrews was doing instead of playing football this year...

Honorable Mentions - Stacy Andrews


The Failed Experiment Award - King Dunlap

King Dunlap's lone highlight with the Eagles...

Not much of a disappointment per se, since he was a 7th round pick, but this experiment is over.  Thanks for the horrific pass protection against the Raiders, King.  Here's to hoping you land with an NFC East rival.

Honorable Mention - Chris Gocong

The "Thanks for your many years of excellent service, but you make too much money so we have to cut you" Award - Brian Westbrook

I don't think Brian Westbrook is going to do the Eagles any favors by retiring, he's certainly not going to take a paycut, and there's no way the Eagles are paying him in excess of $7 million next year.  Unfortunately, it's a business, and the obvious correct move is to cut #36.  However it plays out, I'd say it's about a 95% chance Brian Westbrook has played his last game as an Eagle.  So let's give a tribute to one of the best players in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles...

Honorable Mention - Kevin Curtis (minus the "many years of excellent service" part)


Thanks for the QB Controversy Award - Kevin Kolb

Before Week 2 this season, it was extremely tough to make a reasonable argument for Kevin Kolb to be the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles, but in his first 2 professional starts he went ahead and put up the following numbers...

85 attempts, 55 completions, 64.7%, 718 passing yards, 4 TD, 3 INT

...and after 2 consecutive terrible performances by Donovan McNabb against our most hated rival in back-to-back weeks including a quick playoff exit, we find ourselves forehead-deep in a QB controversy.  Thanks guys.

Honorable Mention - Donovan McNabb


Lock This Guy Up Longterm NOW Award - Leonard Weaver

Best FB in the NFL, and a perfect fit for this offense.  Get it done, front office.

Honorable Mention - Jason Avant


The Best Player with an Incredibly Frustrating Flaw Award - Asante Samuel

How do you intercept 9 passes and still lose out to 2 players for Defensive MVP?  Pretty easy - You decide that tackling just isn't important.

Honorable Mentions - Mike Patterson and Brodrick Bunkley


Na Brown Award - Jason Babin

Awesome preseason, 16 tackles and 2.5 sacks in the real games.

Honorable Mention - Jack Ikegwuonu (had to shoehorn him in somewhere)


Did I miss any?

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