The Safety Dance

You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind, because your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, then they're no friends of mine. We need to sort out the safety situation. How will we do that?

[Note by JasonB, 01/21/10 11:01 PM EST ] Find out after the jump!

1) Move Sheldon Brown to Safety

We all know Sheldon Brown can cover a receiver. He's got toughness and the respect of his teammates. And he can lay the lumber. He is smart enough to play Free Safety for this team, and I think Sheldon playing a new position could easily outplay Macho or Demps. What to do with them? Macho goes back to being a dime corner and Demps plays backup. Our starting CBs become Asante Samuel and Joselio Hanson.

We're going to draft a CB this year. We'll need to. Basically it comes down to this: Are we better with Joselio, Quintin Mikell, Brown, and Asante on the field or Brown, Asante, Mikell, and a player to be named later?

2) Scratch that. Just draft a good safety.

There's plenty of talent in this year's draft at the Safety position to go around. Frequently mentioned are the names of Eric Berry, Taylor Mays, and Morgan Burnett. Could they be the answer? Hell, it's possible. Safety happens to be one of the safest positions to take high.

In the last 10 years, here's the first round safeties (taken from

2009 - 0

2008 - NYG: Kenny Phillips #31

2007 - Washington: Laron Landry #6, Tenn: Michael Griffin #19, Jacksonville: Reggie Nelson #21, New England: Brandon Meriweather #24

2006 - Oakland Raiders: Michael Huff #7, Buffalo Bills: Donte Whitner #8, Miami Dolphins: Jason Allen #16

2005 - 0

2004 - Washington: Sean Taylor #5

2003 - Pittsburgh: Troy Polamalu #16

2002 - Dallas: Roy Williams #8, Baltimore: Ed Reed #24

2001 - 0

2000 - 0

That's a damn fine list, if you ask me. I wouldn't be opposed to taking someone with our first pick, if they make it that far. Of course, past returns are no guarantee of future success, and every pick comes down to the individual taken. However, many people agree that this year's safeties are a pretty talented bunch. Hindsight is 20/20, but all we have right now is baseless speculation.

3) But why draft a safety when we can nab an established vet?

Well, because they're probably not going to be available. Each year, less and less top tier players become available as free agents, and there are even fewer top players made available for trade.

The best of the bunch might be O.J. Atogwe, but he might not be available. The Rams could slap the franchise tag on him once more if they really want him, because safeties are amongst the cheapest positions to tag. Did you know he's already 29?

Nick Collins, you say? I don't think there's a snowball's chance in Dallas of him becoming the least bit available. Fans would scream bloody murder if the Packers let him go. He will be re-signed, and if not, he will be tagged.

Antoine Bethea is another solid player who isn't exactly a household name. He's likely more valuable to the Colts than to anyone else. I'd say there's about an 85% chance the Colts re-sign him or tag him.

4) What if the answer is already on our team?

I know it's hard for some of us to believe, but Quintin Demps and Macho Harris might not complete busts! After all, Macho was a rookie and Demps was in his second year. I know it seems crazy, but maybe if we give these guys a chance, one of them may actually step into the role and be pretty damned good.

Dammit, I didn't fix anything yet.

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