Offensive Grades

Over at blue stampede for the colts, they ranked every single player to see which was most important to team.  I think that this is a great idea, however its hard to say that any one positions is more important then another so i decided I would give each individual player a grade.  I am only doing the offensive players as of right now defense might be coming later.

To start off lets look at the QBS

Donovan Mcnabb: B+

Donovan Mcnabb has had an average at best season.  Among all Quarter Backs in the league he ranks 20th in completion %, he ranks 7 in average yards gained per play.(any quarter back would be ranked that high if they had desean jackson catching deep routes over safties) in yards per game he ranks 10th.  He is the proud owner of the 12th best Qb rating in football with a 92.9.  He has had flashes of brilliance this season but on the flip side he has had games where he looked like he had lost his depth perception and just threw the ball up praying someone would catch it.  Im giving him the benefit of the doubt though ive been told that broken ribs stay sore for long periods of time and it can not be easy to throw an accurate pass when your ribs are telling you to not move.


Kevin Kolb: A

Granted he only started two games this season he looked amazing in the pocket.  In those two games he posted incredible numbers throwing for 741 yards, with an average of 7.7 yards.  He threw 4 Touchdowns compared to 3 Ints, which is not the greatest ratio in the world  but he is a "younger" player, in the sense that he hasnt started in the NFL consistently.  The reason I gave him such a high rating is that when Mcnabb went down in the carolina game, philly fans everywhere let out a collective " OH shit" and then Kolb comes in and plays like a post season worthy QB.


Micheal Vick: C

I think the football was just as surprised as i was when the birds signed Micheal Vick.  For the first part of the season Vick was used more as a gimmick then an actual player.  The Atlanta game was a turning point in my mind.  After that game he started to be a shadow of the threat he was as a Falcon, thats not saying he played bad so much as it is he was still shaking of the rust.  However grades are based on whole seasons and the first part of the season outweighs his production at the end of the season.


Running Backs:


Brian Westbrook: Incomplete

With as much as I love Bwest I think that he is done being the multipurpose threat that he has been in years past.  One main reason is his health, two concussions in three weeks is scary stuff.  Another reason is all the new weapons this team has, Bwest no longer has to do it all.  He can focus on being a runner first and do the other things second.  As hard as it is to see Bwest end his career (guessing here) its hard to give him a grade below a B, he didnt under perform, he just didnt play a significant amount of time. 


Lesean Mccoy: B+

Talk about big shoes to fill.  When we drafted Mccoy everyone would comment on the fact that he is in the same build and running style as Bwest. Most likely to give Bwest a breather and play about the same role, maybe shaved down a little.  But then disaster struck and Bwest went down with an injury.  I personally thought well there goes a huge part of our game plan.  Then Mccoy stepped up big time and showed that while he may not be the same as Westbrook, he can do a great deal of what Bwest did and even a few things that Bwest couldnt.  The only reason why he didnt receive an A from me is that he had a couple of "rookie" moments.  Bad thing? nah


Leonard Weaver: B+

Leonard Weaver was the powerful downhill type runner ive always wanted the Eagles to get.  When I heard that we got him last offseason I was ecstatic.  He didnt disappoint, he might not have stratospheric numbers, but he did what the team asked of him.  He provided the hard running type we need to compliment the styles of Bwest/Mccoy.  Peanut Butter and Chocolate.


Offensive Line: B

I know its lazy for me to just do the line as a whole.  The line as a whole did a fantastic job with Jamaal Jackson at the Helm.  Granted the Line crumbled towards the end of the season, only reason this is not an automatic A.  After losing to giant pieces of the line in Runyan and Tra, the line rebounded and the expectations were astronomical.  Then the line was plauged with a couple sketchy  decisions thanks to people with haircuts that strangely resemble genitalia (see Bye Dawk:('s post EFF YOU WE WINNING post)  but the line stayed resilient with   surprise performances by Winston and Herremens. 

Tight Ends:

Brent Celek: A+

76 receptions, 971 yards, 12.8 average, and 8 touchdowns.  Do I even have to say anything more?  Brent Celek brings a toughness to an otherwise soft offense.

Alex Smith:?

Im not exactly sure what to give Alex Smith as a grade he didnt get that much playing time and he was an average blocker.  Suggestions?

Wide Receivers

Desean Jackson:A+

How could I give him anything less then an A.  He may not be the toughest wide out but at 5'10 and 175, it would be ludicrous to ask him to play incredibly physical.  The guy catchs and runs, and when he runs he is RUNNING to quote Forrest Gump.  Even when the ball isnt thrown to him he drastically changes the way the play unfolds he is almost always double covered, and drawing attention from safties who in reality should be looking at another player.

Jeremy Maclin: B

Jeremy Maclin comes in as another Djax type player, fast, and explosive.  But as with Mccoy there were a lot of "rookie" moments.  Is this reason to fault Maclin? nope he is still learning and that works for me.

Jason Avant: A

Avant may not be the incredibly explosive and fast, every down threat that Djax is.  But he is one thing that Djax will never be, a big physical receiver  with incredible hands.  I know everyone out there on 3rd downs is looking for te ball to get to Avant and without him our 3rd down % would tank, therefre he gets an A

Kevin Curtis: ?

It may be me but I dont remember him even playing this season?



Reid and Mornhinweg:A+

I know this might not be a grade everyone agrees with.  But it is kind of hard to argue against the 5th highest scoring offense in the league.  I know that the offense hasnt been able to put together long consistent drive.  But Reid and Morningweg almost always have a competitive offense in the league so I have Confidence that by next year that glaring flaw will be rectified.

Overall: B

It is kind of hard to grade this offense.  It was like a schizophrenic person.  One day we are unstoppable and the next we get stopped and fluster around confused.  over all though i think this team is great and young so there is significant growing room.  when you look at where we are now and think about the fact that we are still evolving and growing it is enough to give someone chills to imagine a couple years from now.


**(on a completely non football related subject how the %$@$@ do you put pictures in a post)**

and any suggestions to changes are welcome

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