Ladies and Gentlemen ... welcome to the offseason ...

This is a sad/frustrated/disappointed/hungover day for all of us as we got embarrassed again. It will certainly be a long offseason as we had such a promising regular season but just couldn't put it together when it mattered most. That being said there are many things we will need to go in and fix during the offseason.

-One thing that can't be controlled is injuries so it will certainly be nice to see some familiar faces back next year. Get big stew back, see what Cornelius Ingram can offer us after a promising training camp and also see what kind of player Stacy Andrews can really be at RG. 

- There are definitely positions that needed to be adressed: safety, defensive end, linebacker, and guard just to name a few. Some could be addressed during free agency but I believe most of them will be taken care of during the draft.

- Defensive End: This is one of the Deeper positions in this years draft which is why I dont think we need to grab an End in the first round. A guy that I really like is Brandon Graham #55 out of Michigan.


He isnt the Biggest Guy at 6-2 263 lbs, but everytime I saw him play he would consistently get good leverage on his opponent, was always around the ball, stop people in the backfield and get to the quarterback. Bryan Baluga from Iowa who is considered to be one of the better tackles in the draft, was embarrassed by Graham.

here is a highlight video:

- Guard: Although its not a position that holds high first round Value, # 77 LG Mike Iupati from Idaho is considered to be one of the best Guard prospects to come around in a long time.


 He is a big man at 6-5 330 lbs and fits the bill for an Andy Reid lineman. He is without question a top 20 prospect but due to the position he plays, I think he will slip to the end of the first round, and someone will get an absolute steal if he is still there in the second round.

highlight video:

-Linebacker: Getting Stew back next year will be a big help but it was clear this year that we need more depth and it wouldn't hurt to get someone to make some more plays at the position. All American Sean Weatherspoon #12 from Missouri is fast and makes plays all over the field.


According to the tigers official website he is 6-2 245 lbs so he has  good size and this man can run. Although i would love him to be part of our team it would really be confusing with Witherspoon and Weatherspoon.

highlight video:

- Safety: we felt the loss of Dawkins all season long and we will next year as well. He is a legend and there will never be anyone like him ever again. I give Sean Mcdermott a lot of credit for doing as well as he did in his first year and i think he will only get better. The rotation at FS clearly didnt work but i think a guy like #9 Reshad Jones from Georgia would be the answer.


at 6-2 215 lbs he is an imposing presence at safety and would a great addition to improve the run defense and pass defense. He hits hard and can make a ton of plays.

highlight video:


I know that the draft is a long time away and those are only 4 prospects but those are 4 players that really stand out to me. Let me know what you guys think and what other prospects would be a good addition to the team and ill try to find some video on them.

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