The Future is Now

Women, Children, and Lads of Philadelphia: I urge you to release your anger. Feel your frustrations, and let them fly free from your body. For I assure you, the sky is not falling.

This may well have been the last game we will ever see with certain jersey numbers cloaked in midnight green (namely #5 and #36), and the very integrity of the 1st Generation of Andy Reid products is now all but depleted (save for Sheldon Brown and David Akers). Know this. Celebrate this. Mourn this.



This is the dawning of a new era. An era that will be highlighted by a certain Texan playing under center. An era that will see more scoring than you ever dreamed of. An era that will continue to redefine "attacking defense" in every way.


Now that I’ve finished my epic introduction, let me share a few things with you, oh brothers and sisters.

Now, it is a virtual certainty that 1 of our 3 Quarterbacks will not be here next year, the most likely being McNabb, then Vick, then Kolb.  The likely suitors for McNabb would be the Redskins, Seahawks, Browns, Raiders, and Bills. Let me put that in other words…the potential suitors for McNabb have these picks in the 1st round of the draft (respectively): #4, #6, #7, #8, #9.

Michael Vick has done enough to revalue himself as being up to worth a 2nd round pick. Possible suitors: Redskins, Browns, Raiders, Bills. Picks: #36, #39, #40, #41.

Kevin Kolb is virtually untouchable. Unless we were offered 2 1st round picks, and more.

Next, let me explain something that benefits us from losing last night’s wild-card game. We no longer will have to abide by the "Final 8" Rules of free agency in next year’s uncapped season. Ah yes, if we were to have won, we would not be able to sign a big name free agent without having lost a big name free agent of similar value. Let me also make mention of the last time we were so embarrassed in a playoff loss: the Carolina Panthers game. You all remember it. What happened after it? We had the most prolific offseason in Andy Reid’s tenure, which included the additions of Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse.


Well, it is of note that there will be several free agents that we will, without doubt, target. Julius Peppers and Derrick Johnson are those men. We will have the cap space to acquire them, due to the impending dismissal of McNabb’s salary. We will also have a very high draft pick in addition to these players.  In fact, we might be high enough in the draft to target the likes of Tennessee Safety Eric Berry or Florida CB Joe Haden.


Julius-peppers_medium Eric-berry_medium

All of that is rather specific, but let me leave you with this, my brothers and sisters: we will be back. Oh boy, we will be back. We will strike fear into the hearts of our opponents. We will be healthy. We will be hungry. We will, we will, Win. The Future, my friends, is now.

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