What the Eagles Management will do in the Offseason

First off: Let me say congratulations on your first playoff win since 1996 Cowboys, you guys deserved it after about 14 years without a win.
Disappointing end to the Eagles 09-10 season.
We got rocked by the Cowboys in 2 straight weeks.

So what will the Eagles Management do in the Offseason?


1. Mcnabb will be traded to the 49ers/Seahawks for a 1st and a 5th round pick or some other minor players.

I know Mcnabb has done a lot for us. We all love Donovan, but he just isn't consistent enough. He plays clutch one week, the next week, our hearts get broken. Every good premier quarterback such as Peyton, Brees, and Brady has won a Super Bowl. Donovan has been considered a premier quarterback, but should he be considered in that top tier of quarterbacks in the league? Donovan has led us to multiple playoff wins, a Super Bowl and holds nearly every major category passing record in the Eagles team history.



2. The Eagles will pick up Vick's option, draft a Qb in the draft, and keep Kevin Kolb

There will be an open Qb competition in Training Camp if Mcnabb is traded or released. Either that, or Kolb will be named the starting QB, and if that happens, Vick's option will probably not be picked up. If the Eagles draft a QB in the 2010 NFL Draft, they will most definetly not draft a QB that is projected in the top 20 area, probably from the 2nd-5th round. Remember, I think the Eagles have about a billion 5th round picks this year. The Qb draft class this year isn't that good. The only outstanding prospects would be Jimmy Clausen, Colt Mccoy, and maybe Tim Tebow 

 They should look at
Some of these Juniors on this list might not declare for the draft though
1. Chase Keenum(Houston)

2. Jarrett Brown(West Virginia)

3. Juice Williams(Illinois) 

4. Max Hall (BYU)

5. Tony Pike(Cincinnati)

6. Zac Robinson(Oklahoma State)

7. Jevan Snead(Ole Miss)

8. Daryll Clark(Penn State- JoePa)

9. Sean Canfield(0regon State)

10. Jonathan Crompton (Tennessee)


3. The Eagles will fire Sean Mcdermott, or demote him and hire a new Defensive Coordinator.                                     Sean Mcdermott has been pretty solid this year except for the last two games.                                                                  Are those two games enough to get Mcdermott fired?


4. The Eagles will go all out on Free Agency and sign some Franchise Players. 

There is a very, very nice FA linebackers this year.The Eagles have got to at least sign one of these guys.

All of the Analysis's are copied from 




1. Shawne Merriman (Chargers
With his first two sacks since returning from injury coming in week 8, Merriman doesn't seem to be exactly the same player he was prior to his injury, which is to be somewhat expected. He lacks the explosiveness he had in the past, but some of that should return after this offseason as it continues to heal. The Chargers defense has been a large liability so it becomes a question whether or not the team wants to even commit that much money to a player who has been pretty unproductive. What the Chargers do with Merriman will be a decision based on the ultimate risk-reward analysis, as well as a decision reflecting which of their many free agents they choose to and are able to retain. Remember that the team also drafted pass rusher Larry English in the first round last year. The best guess is that the Chargers will place a franchise tag on Merriman, so as to not commit a long-term deal, but also not to allow the former All-Pro to just walk away.


2. Barrett Ruud (Bucs)
Locking the young middle linebacker up should be a priority for the Buccaneers and with all the cap room they have, it's a little surprising they haven't already gotten it done. Ruud is one of the league's best pure tacklers and has great instincts. Ruud's new deal should be in the area of what Bart Scott received the past offseason (6 years, $48 million) from the Jets. He's the leader of the defense now and will consistently be among league leaders in tackles for the next several years, as he is again this year. The Bucs should and will lock him up at some point in the near future, but it's just about both sides agreeing on the terms.

3. Karlos Dansby (Cards)Dansby has played okay for the Cardinals, but isn't making the number of impact plays we've seen out of him even in the past. Quite frankly, the linebackers as a unit have been a big problem for the defense this year. At the top of his game, Dansby is one of the better scheme-diverse linebackers in the league and will likely have a number of teams lined up ready to woo him this offseason. The Cardinals may re-sign him, but after this season, it won't be quite as big a loss as some would have expected prior to this season.

4. DeMeco Ryans (Texans) Ryans has been a stalwart for the Texans, displaying consistency from game-to-game and year-to-year. With rookie sensation Brian Cushing next to him, the Texans have the beginnings of a good front 7. Ryans would like a long-term contract with the Texans, and Houston will almost definitely re-sign Ryans to keep intact the foundation of Ryans-Cushing-Williams front 7. If the two sides can't reach a deal, there's a chance he would be willing to accept a deal elsewhere. 
Other Notables: 5. Thomas Howard 6. Keith Bulluck 7. Derrick Johnson 8. Larry Foote

Will Sheldon be back next year? Will he demand a trade? 

Top Defensive Backs FA's 

1.Carlos Rogers, Washington Redskins (29)

Though he's had a couple poor games, Rogers has strung together a very nice season this year. He's been targeted only 47 times this year and has had several shutdown games. Rogers is a good cover corner and in the league's top 10. He does a nice job of contesting passes and is rarely caught completely out of position. With Brian Orakpo and the pass rush heating up in recent weeks, Rogers has the ability to make some gambles and collect his first pick of the season. Rogers doesn't force turnovers or come up strong in run support, but he will be the best corner to become a free agent this year if Washington doesn't throw some top-end coin in his direction.

2. Tramon Williams, Green Bay Packers (27) - Restricted FA
Tramon Williams started the season as the third corner behind Al Harris and Charles Woodson, splitting out wide in nickel packages to allow Woodson to slip inside to the slot. After Harris' season-ending injury Williams stepped into the starting lineup with ease. While many saw the Ravens pick on Tramon on Monday Night, be bounced right back to make a game-clinching interception at the goal line. As Williams earns a reputation in the league and learns to use more subtle contact downfield, he could develop into one of the top-end corners in the league. The Packers should sign Williams to a long-term extension at the end of the year, but still have the ability to tender him a restricted free agent.

3. Dunta Robinson, Houston Texans (28)
After holding out for nearly the entire offseason, Dunta Robinson stepped in and played pretty poorly, allowing a number of intermediate catches against him. Over the last few weeks, Robinson has stepped up his play and limited the damage. With an entire offseason of workouts, Robinson can return to form and be one of the better corners in the league, but it'll be interesting to see how the situation plays out next offseason after an up and down season this year. The Texans may not be ready to commit top-end money and if Dunta isn't given it, he may try free agency if Houston doesn't place the franchise tag on him yet again.

4. Richard Marshall, Carolina Panthers (25)
Marshall has put up gaudy tackling numbers in his first three seasons, averaging over 80 per season. Starting opposite Chris Gamble, Marshall has actually played very well this season. He hasn't given up many big plays and come up with a couple picks himself. Marshall loves to get physical and is likely to be rewarded by the Panthers at the end of the season with a long-term deal.

Resign Ellis Hobbs? 

Top FA Safeties: 

1. Nick Collins, Green Bay Packers (27)                                                              After seeing Collins blossom into one of best safeties last year, earning a Pro Bowl invite, the Packers wanted to see if he would perform at that high level once again. Almost through the regular season, Collins has done just that, playing at a level indicative of his talent and as one of the 5 best safeties in the league. The former second-round selection from Bethune-Cookman plays a very unique game. Collins isn't always in the exact right position and plays aggressively in coverage, but has elite recovery speed to account for any error in his position. Collins has picked off 6 passes through 13 games and should be paid handsomely by Green Bay this offseason, or even before.

2. Antoine Bethea, Indianapolis Colts (26)Antoine Bethea is every bit as talented and important to the Colts' secondary as the renowned enforcer, Bob Sanders, who's on the IR this season. Despite earning a Pro Bowl selection in 2007, Bethea is still highly unrecognized. He's consistently one of the Colts' leading tacklers as a result of his sound angles and quick closing speed around the line of scrimmage. He is a little susceptible in coverage, but has the ability to play both strong safety and free safety. The Colts will likely choose to re-sign Bethea, if it comes down to him and the injured Marlin Jackson

3. Darren Sharper, New Orleans Saints (34)
After a couple of inconsistent seasons in Minnesota, Darren Sharper has put himself back on the map while picking of 8 passes and remaining 4 interception yards away from breaking Ed Reed's league record for most INT yards in a season. Sharper is your typical gambler in the secondary, risking big plays for aggressive coverage and the interception. Not to downplay Sharper's success, but he's only adequate in run support as well. The Saints would surely love to have him back on a defense that prides itself on forcing turnovers, but may not want to commit too much money considering he is also 34.

Resign Jones or name Macho or Demps as starting FS? 

Top DL FA's 
 Julius Peppers, Carolina Panthers (30) 

Playing on a franchise tender, an enormous one-year contract, Peppers has played at a high level. With 8.5 sacks on the season, Peppers can reach double-digit sacks for the 6th time in his career. The offseason will be interesting because Peppers no longer carries the reputation for being the league's most fear end, primarily because he's fairly inconsistent and fairly one-dimension in comparison to say, Jared Allen. Last year vocalized his desires to stand up in a 34 defense. This year, we'll see how the Panthers handle his expiring contract. My bet is on a tag and trade, though Carolina could also end up paying him in excess of $20 million, due to a 120% raise required to apply the franchise tag on Peppers again this offseason. He's on the wrong side of 30 and should receive less than half that amount per year if he signs a long-term extension.

Elvis Dumervil, Denver Broncos (26) 
Dumervil has become one of the league's best pass rushers and a potential candidate for Defensive Player of the Year. He leads the league with 15 sacks, with 11 coming on 3rd down. He excels in using his long arms and hands to keep defenders off his body, despite his unconventional proportions. The Broncos will find a way to retain their most prized asset on defense, probably by throwing high-end outside linebacker coin in his direction. Dumervil has already exceeded 40 sacks and is one forced fumble away from 10 in his short 4-year career. Playing a position of great need in any good 3-4 defense, Dumervil will sit with a lot of leverage if a CBA is agreed upon and he is able to become an unrestricted free agent.

Johnny Jolly, Green Bay Packers (27)
Like Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly has very quietly put together a great season at defensive end for Green Bay's front line under Capers' scheme. Jolly has been very active up front playing contain and peeling off blocks to make plays himself near the line of scrimmage. Keep in mind that the Packers have a number of starters with expiring contracts this offseason, so Jolly could be one of the guys left out. He excels against the run, but doesn't give much in the form of a pass rush. He's played his best ball at defensive end in the 34, but has the size and ability to play some reps at nose tackle.

Aaron Kampman, Green Bay Packers (30) 
Kampman's struggles to OLB were blown out of proportion. Through 9 games, he did a fairly decent job considering he had been given a role unfamiliar to him. The former Pro Bowler suffered a knee injury in Week 11 against San Francisco requiring surgery and was placed on the IR a couple weeks later. 7th round rookie Brad Jones has done an ample job as his replacement, playing the position with remarkable awareness and immeasurably better athleticism. The Packers will likely allow Kampman to enter free agency and move back to his more comfortable position at defensive end. Sadly, Kampman is coming off a knee injury and is at an age where defensive ends start to lose their edge off the snap

Ray Edwards, Minnesota Vikings (25)
Jared Allen and the two Williams men up front have paved way for left end Ray Edwards to emerge this season. According to the stats, teams have actually had more difficult running over his side than at Jared Allen. Edwards also has 6.5 sacks. The Vikings should keep try to keep the league's best pass rush in tact by re-signing the former Purdue standout. Edwards is a complete defensive end who will have a number of interested team should the Vikings be unable to keep him.

Marcus Spears, Dallas Cowboys (27)
Spears has done a good job for the Cowboys on the left side and his solid season has shown partly through the improvement made by OLB Anthony Spencer behind him. He does a better job playing the run than the getting after the quarterback. He'll be one of the 34 ends with good value this offseason.


What else do you guys think the Eagles will do this Offseason????? 

Comment on what you think they will do

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