2009 Eagles: Analyzing Strenghts and Weaknesses (Offense)

Yeah this was already done during the off-season but maybe it might be different this time around with the new 53 man roster.




Donovan McNabb has already been a top 10 quarterback for the past decade. 29,320 total yards, 58.9 completion rating, all time leader in passing TD's with 194, and 5 playoff appearances in the last 9 or 10 years. And one Superbowl appearance. Pretty darn good for 10 seasons. And the expectations for the 11th are nothing less than (at least) a Superbowl appearanceagain. We have been the closes team that still hasn't won the Superbowl of this decade. The to cap of the most talented roster in resent memory, we add the recently reinstatedMichael Vick. This act from the front O means that they are ready for the Superbowl to come this year to risk adding Vick, acknowledging the consequences. I believethathe is a decent passer, withincredible arm strength. In 6 years he's thrown 11,505 yards, a completion rating of 53.8, 71 TD's, and 52 INT's. What he is most notable for is his legs. Over 3,000 yards in 6 years and in 06 he rushed for the most a quarterback had 1,039. He has been seen as a ascent for the Eagles to add a dimension to their already stacked offense. He will probably run the expanding Wild Cat formation and other trick plays. This adds a dangerous new component to the Eagles and we shall see how impactful he and his plays will be on the road to the Superbowl.

Running Backs

P1Display_image_medium 3872863_medium

This team has 36 to thank for all it's success. He has been the guy every Sunday puting on the superman cape and playing at a pro-bowl level. But age has been catching up and has been less and less dependable. That's where 2nd round rookie LeSean McCoy jumps in. A "mini" Brian Westbrook. Has great speed and elusiveness, can catch, and is working on blocking. This kid has been a beats this preseason and looked like a quality starter. And then we have former Charger Eldra Buckley, supposedly a camp body turned into a fierce competitor for Lorenzo Booker, who eventually beat him out for a roster spot. Buckley has a speedy but power back style that separated him form Booker. I see an eventual three headed beast here.


Jason-peters_mediumIn_herremans_080619_medium Nyj-240jackson-071025_medium

Large_shawn_andrews_eagles_camp_medium  This years OL is the (on paper) best we have had and also the most hyped OL in Eagles history. We have pro-bowl LT Jason Peters that we have traded for. He is a very hyped player. No doubt he is good, probably top 10 LT, but I feel that his hype is bigger than his play. His year he can prove to be one of the best T's in the game today. We have LG Todd Heremans, a pro-bowl guy also, andprobably our solidest guy on the line. Hopefully we get him soon. The Center, Jamaal Jackson, is our second weakest guy on our OLright now. He is good, but inconsistency makes me wonder if it was worth trading Hank Frakley (I am big fan). He needs to step up and be that all star center we know he is. Then we have the "Andrews Wall", RG Stacy Andrews is a dominant force that has had some injury problems, hopefully he can jell with this OL . And lastly we have probably our strongest and weakest player pro-bowl Shawn Andrews. I am concerned (I called him our weakest) because he hasn't taken reps and it's bad when our offensive line hasn't played together yet. He has been a stellar guard, but lets see if he's still a pro-bowl player.


 Philadelphia_eagles_v_new_england_patriots_cm4pc7ac4lyl_medium Curtis_medium

Our only weakness. I don't think we can get it done with just these two. It an improvement from the time Ingram went down. We have two small receiving TE's right now. Maybe if we trade for more of a blocker like Ben Watson or Alge Crumpler (yeah he's old but he can block and catch and we only need him for 1-2 years) or pick up a guy like Leonard Pope or Alex Smith. Butt we need one more guy.

Solid (A strenght nor a weakness)



Yes, he could be considered a strength. But I have see very little from him in the preseason. He kinda disappeared at the start of traning camp. Plus with our OL out of commission for now  can he pick up all the blocks? I say yes, but he has to show me in green why I say yes. 


Sp-49ers_eagles_0499287974_medium 23456260799200-13191000_medium340x_medium

 The reason I don't consider our group a strenght is because the WR for the Cardinals are a strenght, the WR for the Patriots are a stregnth, WR for the San Deigo Chargers are a strenght. Our group is good none the less. DeSean Jackson will continue to be the main target, zipping by DB's.  Kevin Curtis will be more of our possession guy for our QB's. Avant will be the crucial slot guy in those 3rd and longs. I expect ethier Reggie Brown or Hank Baskett to be traded, so there will only be 6 WR's. Maclin will probably be in a rotation with Avant, and his responsibilities will slowly grow. I think DeSean of last year after preseason was more ahead of Maclin now, I dont know maybe I'm wrong. And here is rookie Brandon Gibson, expected to be cut until the last Jets game. Andy proobaly has a big role for this kid, otherwise I think we could make do with 5 WR's. But this kid has talent and upside, unlike Brown or Baskett (both have talent ).


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