Eli Manning a winner?.... PLEASE

So apperently some people think that Eli deserves to be called a "winner".  That just makes me piss my pants from laughing so hard.  What would make people think that? Well, Eli won the Superbowl two years ago... and, oh wait, thats it!  Other than that year, hes done next to nothing in the playoffs. His record in the playoffs of the Superbowl year was obviously 4-0, but in the three other times hes gone to the postseason, he and his Gaints have had one and dones in all of them.  So lets take a look at said Superbowl victory.


I'm sure everyone knows the story, but I'll briefly explain the situation again.  By the end of the third quarter, the score was 7-3 Pats.  The Giant D was a wall all game long, especially considering they held highest scoring offense in league history to 14 points.  The Pats D wasn't playing to poorly itself, holding Eli's offense to, count 'em, five first downs in the second and third quarters. 
New England took the lead with 2:42 left in the game 14-10.   The Giants started to move the ball after that, and eventually wound up with a 3rd and 5 on their own 44 with 1:15 left.  On that 3rd and 5, Eli dropped back to pass, and couldn't find anyone.  He was then corralled by Adalius Thomas, and looked like he might get sacked.  After the game the ref said that he was about to blow the play dead (since forward progress had seemingly stopped), but Eli broke free at the last possible second.  He was also aided by the fact that the Giant O-line got away with about 12 holds when they were trying to keep the Pats from actually tackling him.  

After this miraculous escape, Eli wing-chucked a prayer to Tyree.  Tyree magically hauled in the catch with his helmet; a play that he probably would have only made once in 65819846581684654357684 tries (and I could have kept banging on my keyboard for 10 more minutes and that statement would still be true).

Not only is it unbelievable that he actually caught the ball with his helmet, but its also equally incredible that the ball didn't hit the ground (and if he hadn't wound up lying on top of Harrison, it would have), which would have negated catch.

If Tyree doesn't make that once in a lifetime grab, does anyone here think that the Giants go on to win that game?  I sure as hell don't.  Down by 3 with a 4th and 5 on your own 44 with about a minute left against one of the best defenses in the game?  Probably not, at very best it goes into OT. 

If it wasn't for the LUCKIEST catch in history (not to mention the fact that Eli's escape should have been blown dead and penalized) as well as the Giants defense going all Marshawn Lynch, Eli doesn't have a ring, and nobody thinks he's a winner.  So forgive me for laughing when people say Eli's a winner, because he's not; he's just really, really lucky.

If you wish to relive the misery and see how much luck was involved, the link his here.


So please, enough about how Eli's a winner, ok?

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