The Linc - A certain QB played last night...

Video: Breaking down Vick's performance - NFC East - ESPN
ESPN’s Mark Schlereth examines Michael Vick's play in the Eagles' loss to Jets.

Vick shows rust at QB in final preseason game | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/04/2009
In his first game back at quarterback after dogfighting charges drove him out of the NFL, Michael Vick showed the sort of rust you might have expected after a 21/2-year exile from football.

Vick signing hasn't bitten Eagles - so far | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/04/2009
for the risk of trusting in the better angels of Vick's nature - and in the short-attention-span theater that houses public outrage - the Eagles have been rewarded with a smoother road than any could have predicted.

'A good start' for Kolb | Philly | 09/03/2009
"It was a good start," Kolb said. "Marty [Mornhinweg] took a couple shots. We were fortunate to get a couple penalties there and then we were able to punch it in. For the whole half, I felt like we were in a pretty good rhythm. A couple of drives we let it slip away, but we put up 24 points, and like I said, we had pretty good rhythm throughout the whole half." - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Redskins Sue Former Season Ticket Holders
The Washington Post has an extensive piece this morning detailing the Redskins efforts to sue 125 of their season ticket holders for breach of contract. It's a long read that tells the stories of many of the fans involved, including fans being forced to sell their Washington Redskins train sets.

More news after the jump including Ricky Watters, what the Eagles are worth, & Vick out in the community.

Vick: Being back on field is like a dream | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/03/2009
"It’s still somewhat like a dream stepping out on the field, coming from where I was two years ago and where I have been," Vick said after seeing extensive action in the Eagles’ loss to the Jets in the preseason finale.

Eagles planning Vick's public appearances | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/04/2009
"I think you'll see Michael at an event very soon," Banner said before last night's 38-27 loss to the New York Jets in the preseason finale. "We'll be announcing something after we wrap up some details. As far as the organizational support for the issues around animal rights . . . we're working aggressively to have some concrete ideas. I think it will probably take a few more weeks, if not a little longer, to get them to the point where they're operational and we can announce them."

AAA extends Linc with Eagles in marketing deal - Philadelphia Business Journal:
AAA Mid-Atlantic extended its partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles and Lincoln Financial Field through the 2013 NFL season for an undisclosed price. - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Today in Philly Sports History: "For Who? For What?" 1995
Despite being a five-time Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl champ with the 49ers, and in the minds of some a fringe Hall-of-Famer, for many, Ricky Watters will forever be remembered for this moment of ignominy. On September 3rd, 1995, in...

Epic Fail 2009 NFC South Edition - Canal Street Chronicles
Since the Eagles play the NFC South this year, I thought this seemed apropos.

NFL Team Valuations -
The Eagles are the 7th most valuable team in the NFL.

YouTube - He beat me with a sandwich
I saw this on TV the other day... I just had to share.

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